Monday, August 12, 2013


(explanation for this first part so you know what is going on, my dadio aka dad sent Rachel a bunch of pictures from home:) so ya that should clear up a few things) 

Oh dadio. What an over achiever you are :) kaya mo yen (basically you can do it!) ha am I home sick???? pffft no. got way to much to do but WOWZA what happened??? you're all getting old and kirsten lost her braces. I apparently am missing monumental stuff like that. wow. I sat here like a creep taking pictures of pictures. yay for weird american status. thats me. I walk under the rain and under the sun without an umbrella. and i like being tan. so basically they might think I'm weird. over that. guess what??? theres a TYYYPPPHHHOOOOON. ha yeah. we're in laoag city. basically that means its a joke. we've got mountains. so its currently... gray. eh. maybe we'll get a real storm later and I'll go all life guard swim captain and save someones life and soul when I get transferred in a while.

 yeah but the heat before the storm was killer. im talking 37 degrees celcius... like 98 fareignheit PLUS like bath water humidity. you don't even know. heres our blessing. so in japan and korea it was 40 degrees celcius or like 104 and 500 were hospitalized. needless to say i am a brown child. one of our fellowshippers made it a point to tell me and i was all why thank you! he gave me the weirdest look (quote from mormon pride and prejudice "she was talking about the women feminist movement in jerusalem and i was all well then maybe you should call it shebrew... she gave me the weirdest look." -thats so you can have the right voice in your head) yeah they just like to be white. I will be pinoy to a point but tan is much prettier. 

oh what else. so I forgot my journal so sorry if i have to dwell on the weather and my small talking skills take over. hmmm so this week was punted beyond belief. WE DON'T SPEAK ILOCANO. news flash. apparently they don't understand a lot of our tagalog. thats ooook. we all speak the language of the spirit. ha earlier this week sister ellis and I were discussing how so many missionaries hook up after missions and i was all its cuz they speak (for example) the same 3 languages! english spanish and love! ehehehe I think I'm clever. silly me. no but really people understand the pure love of chirst. so I continue to try to love people despite the language barrier. 

sister mcphie rocks.. dad I forgot her geneology again.. remind me next week! but shes a good worker and funny and blunt. I just love all my comps :) oh ps: while we were waiting out the "typhoon" warning we made a soup called mchancallis. its about the most delicious thing ever invented. I'll make it for you sometime. oh... yes then theres my teeth.. I might have to get some work done on them. one of my rootcanals started hurting.. again. whats new. so pray for me. but if I need to convert the dentist and the Lord sees fit for me to have this challenge its going to come out of our bank account. we'll see. but it feels ok now :) 

last thing. we go to pick up our stroke victim investigator yesterday that we THOUGHT could barely walk. as soon as he saw us I doubt a fully healthy person could move as fast as him. he proceeded to hide behind a curtain... when there was a mirror on the other side of the room positioned perfectly so we could see him. it was a tad awkward. we stared at him in the mirror and he stared back. ha um... want to come to church? yeah. we had no investigators as church that day. it happens. but I'm as happy as ever. we had 3 aaawweeesome contacted MEMBER referrals. they're the way to go. I kid you not. this work is one giant miracle. I love it more then anything. its like alma the younger... when he was older. he kept preaching because he "could not rest" i want to be a missionary forever :) I love you all more then anything and literally live for your emails. share your adventures. 

sister hansen signing OUT!

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