Monday, June 30, 2014

I ate a bug :)

true to the title i did indeed eat fried bugs this week. not just any bug. we're talking 1-2 inch fried flying beetles. It tasted like dirt. I crunched it up and then spit the shell out. and you dont eat the heads. but anyway... so that was fun. They all laughed at the face I made... 
i SHOULD have pictures but this computer shop doesn't let you use usb's...
todays miracle came after a meeting. President was took us all to inasal (super yummy chicken and calamansie resraunt deal) but anyway sister ieremia and i didn't bring the pouch (the thing we store our fare ie: pamasahe in.) so we were poor. we were digging in our bags for loose change and came up with 91 pesos. well usually its 50 pesos to go to the mission office and another 70 or so to get back to our appartment near NFA. I was like no WORRIES. its oooook. We'll just pray and bargain. so we did. the first guy let us get there to the mission office to grab supplies for 40 pesos. (while there I found a UKULELE... and remembered I forgot all the songs i once knew, but i was happy... so if you want to send me like how can i be or i am a child of God chords/ copy paste the music to an attatchment i wont complain :) then i can play it next p day over there) ANYWAY. after we got supplies a tricee driver pulls up (go figure why all my miracles happen to happen concerning tricees) and i just started praying in my head please take 50 please take 50.. "brother makano hanggang NFA?" how much to NFA. he thinks for a minute then says... 40. 
little miracles are everywhere if you look for them. 
Another little mind blowing moment came for me on thursday or friday (i dont remember exactly which.... old woman status) but we were walking and we were finding because we were SO punted. most punted i've been since coming to laoag. We'd walk up to people (we're literally 4-5 feet away) and be like hello! and if they didn't get up and walk away they'd just ignore we existed. kinda like those soldiers that walk around the palace in england and don't make a face... yeah. these people could put them to shame. its like talking to a wall. so we did that for like 2 hrs and found near the end a part member lady who's husband was a member before he died. and she never listened to the missionaries before but now.. she really pondered everything we were saying. (que out of the world music and me thinking someone in the spirit world is helping) but my crazy moment was when i was thinking man... we have the knowledge that can CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND SAVE YOUR SOUL AND MAKE YOU HAPPY AND GIVE YOU ENDLESS PRINCIPALITIES POWERS AND EXALTATION. YOU SHOULD BE PARADING US ON YOUR SHOULDERS AND GATHERING CROWDS TO LISTEN TO OUR MESSAGE. I was like none of you know this. WHY WONT YOU LISTEN. then i remembered Chirst. He was despised and rejected of men. no He was the one that should have been carried around from crowd to crowd and praised. and yet he was not. so if that was how He was treated then I'm glad to play a small part like that too. BUT WE WILL FIND THE PREPARED WHAHAHAHAHA ;) I love you much.
peace love and charity to you all. 
-Sister Hansen 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Its true. im still loving life here. i actually have a new title. for the email. you know the book if you give a mouse a cookie? this one is called if you give an elder a camera. hahahaha. self explanatory

... and the pictures dont work
yeahhhh you will see them next week. lets just say elders like to take selfies.
Well we went on exchanges... and I SAW MY RC FROM DINGRAS. wait. no he didn't get baptized. but his family did! and he will! one day... anyways he was hanging out of a tricee yelling sister sister SISTER! and i was like who.. wha... ALFRED!! come back!!! hahahah it was about the best 15 seconds of my life. i miss them so much! gah.
 we also met a dog who was a lion. i don't know if one of its parents was mufasa but this dogs name definately should have been simba (not chow chow... and simba is the root for church (to go to) in tagalog so (english accent) all da bettah!) but this thing had a mane! 
also on exchanges in our area i got lost... during lunch. we only have an hour for lunch and we can't be late for studies AND we have to teach before we eat. and NOBODY KNOWS where prito street is!! not even the tricee drivers... so 40 minutes later im stressing and lost and hot... and then MIRACLE. this angel of a tricee man shows up who knows where that is. then i thought i knew where we were while we were directing him and lead him off in the wrong direction. then we got lost again. he just laughed and turned around and asked directions for us and got us exactly to the house. and i forgot to give him a pamphlet! gah! but that was one prayer i forgot to pray but i know Heavenly Father definately sent him to His 2 lost tired stressed (and hungry of course) missionaries. I love Him. 
we also met this funny old tatay who swore up and down all his neighbors were mormon and kept asking sister telea if she had a boy friend and how old our dads were. he was a funny... we got a lot of referrals.  
Also we taught at this house of a LA (less active) and across the street during the lesson you just hear like a dragon lady going OFF. like ive never heard someone scream so loud... at a child. the kid is just balling inside the house and she is yelling and screaming talking at mock 80 speeds. then you hear her smack the kid and your heart just gets kinda a sick feeling... the same feeling you get when you walk past this old nanay, and she's baliw (crazy... ie she has a mental ilness) and all the little kids are throwing their flip flops at her then running away before she can catch them and just teasing her and laughing. i got so mad on that one i halted one of the leader little kids and told him to be nice to her and gave him a death glare. man if i was his mother... sometimes i have moments where i just am filled with indignant justice and want to call the world to repentance. but im not his mother and im not the police. so ill just keep preaching the thing more powerful then them both. the gospel. I LOVE THIS LIFE LIKE I LOVE DOUGHNUTS. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

June 16th

HEY fam and friends.
well the story for this week is...
ELDER ARDERN CAME FOR MISSION TOUR AND BLLLLEEEWWW MY MIND!!! HE IS SO COOL. he's from new zeland and he's the bomb diggidy. so previously i had a goal to read the old testament before i came home and do you know what i was learning in personal study? about 8 chapters on how to quarentine lepers and such. Go read Leviticus you'll have a ball... pretty sure that's the book the pharasies went nutso following cuz its a titch touchy about lots of rules and such. anyway so elder ardern was like it's not how many times you go through the book of mormon. it's how many times the bom goes through you. awwww ok. so i slowed down and i spent a whole study on 4 versus and got a 3 pages of revelation versus the paragraph i was getting from 10 pages read of the OT. so search the bom. it's deep. one thing he said something like the bom has deeper doctrine then you can dig out. anyway. i love the bom. 

Also a miracle for the week. I TOTES lost my wallet... which had my camera, all my missionary fund for the month as well as all my personal money... good thing to lose eh? well im talented like that. soooo of COURSE ID BE PRAYING. but i went and kneeled  and prayed some more. and then like elder ardern said you can't just pray for sick people. you have to pray then you have to go do something for them! so i started tearing the room apart. and sister ieremia too. till she got inspired and we went in the spare room with the spare desks and opened the drawers... and there it was! it's a long story how it got there... but miracles DO happen. 

As for a funny story... hahaha my shoes got so torn apart the sole came completely off and my toe was poking through and i ended a morning of proselyting with only one shoe on looking very socially unacceptable and thinking yeah... i should buy some new shoes. 

also i found a tricee driver i remembered from dingras... he gave us a ride. funny thing is noon in dingras i felt i should talk to him and ignored it and felt bad so i vowed id talk to him the next time i saw him... i didn't see him again. till NOW. bahahahahah I FREAKED. HIM. OUT. i was sooo happy to see him. i shoved a pamphlet in his hand and started to testify before he could speed off. not so interested but i kept my promise ;) he was scared. I was like brother it's ME. you live in dingras! i want to give you a pamphlet!!1 so not so smooth... haha im over it. :) love you all!

-Sister Hansen

June 8th


 i dunno why the Lord loves me so much but I'm sure happy he does. So... I'm back in Laoag. but this is NOT the Laoag I remembered. Lesson wise. It's good. My comp is sister Ieremia, she's from Kiribati. I love her. She's teaching me how to be humble and just apply all the good things you see other people do and not to feel awkward or prideful about applying those things. hence she's a fast learner and very magaling. and a chatter. haha i like her.
ummm... rainy season and baptism season is HERE. WOOOOO.... makes finding like eh. but its oooookkk. Because we have this one investigator. he's like a tatay who's 74. he's all hunched. like he walks at a 90 degree angle almost and he doesn't have teeth and he's about the cutest thing you ever did see. He just get's so happy about everything we teach. The other day we were teaching him and the rooster they were going to get for dinner they had just tied up it's legs and it's wings. but it was alive and kicking. it let us know it too. in the middle of the lesson it jumps OFF the table and practically lands on us and is just squacking and making a racket and tatay takes it and bends its neck and some angle i know is not right and puts it's head under it's wing and we just continue teaching like nothing happened. crazy chicken... distraction haha.  
What I learned this week? most everything has limits because we're still just weak mortals. strength, patience, the amount of fudgie bars there are in the world. But i realized your heart doesn't. no matter how many people i meet i still have room in my heart for them. and i still love equally (not degrading) the people i met before. i think thats why Heavenly Father has a bajillion million annak (children) because you're heart can do that. also your brain has the uncandid capacity to just keep learning and learning. anyways... i just love you all... and i love all these people. I LOVE MY CALLING.  mmmm... ill never get sick of saying that. THE WORK GOES FORTH. JUMP ON THE BAND WAGON or get left behind. but thats lame. one more thing i realized. nothing matters but the gospel and saving peoples souls. people will forget your face, people will forget if you went to the olympics, people will forget your name. but they won't forget what you did for them. or how you made them feel. or if you changed their life and eternal destiny with the gospel. yup. theres my shpeel. 

-Sister Hansen

Monday, June 2, 2014


sooooo I'm an apparent failure with time management... so I'm going to write a lllooooooonnnnnnnnnnggggggggg letter next week. just know this
1. I'm being transferred.... to laoag again... ha uhhh mixed feelings. but I'm going to KILL IT ROUND TWO!
2. president originally called and said i was going to pasuquin then called 20 minutes later and changed it. there is a purpose in all things and president is a wise and inspired man who said afflictions are really blessings when he called... yup. 
3. we had a last week of the transfer miracle. i didn't tell anyone i was transferring (commitment to the Lord not to me) but we had all the ilacas and another family come to church!!! woooo then we had a one hour mission after church and we went with all the members and visited LA. we just plopped down on the dirt, by people doing there wash and such and let them know we love them.... and they said they're going to keep going to catholic mass. i told them we're more persistent than the catholics so we're going to keep coming back. haha. and that we love them.
#laoag round 2 woooo
sister hansen