Monday, June 30, 2014

I ate a bug :)

true to the title i did indeed eat fried bugs this week. not just any bug. we're talking 1-2 inch fried flying beetles. It tasted like dirt. I crunched it up and then spit the shell out. and you dont eat the heads. but anyway... so that was fun. They all laughed at the face I made... 
i SHOULD have pictures but this computer shop doesn't let you use usb's...
todays miracle came after a meeting. President was took us all to inasal (super yummy chicken and calamansie resraunt deal) but anyway sister ieremia and i didn't bring the pouch (the thing we store our fare ie: pamasahe in.) so we were poor. we were digging in our bags for loose change and came up with 91 pesos. well usually its 50 pesos to go to the mission office and another 70 or so to get back to our appartment near NFA. I was like no WORRIES. its oooook. We'll just pray and bargain. so we did. the first guy let us get there to the mission office to grab supplies for 40 pesos. (while there I found a UKULELE... and remembered I forgot all the songs i once knew, but i was happy... so if you want to send me like how can i be or i am a child of God chords/ copy paste the music to an attatchment i wont complain :) then i can play it next p day over there) ANYWAY. after we got supplies a tricee driver pulls up (go figure why all my miracles happen to happen concerning tricees) and i just started praying in my head please take 50 please take 50.. "brother makano hanggang NFA?" how much to NFA. he thinks for a minute then says... 40. 
little miracles are everywhere if you look for them. 
Another little mind blowing moment came for me on thursday or friday (i dont remember exactly which.... old woman status) but we were walking and we were finding because we were SO punted. most punted i've been since coming to laoag. We'd walk up to people (we're literally 4-5 feet away) and be like hello! and if they didn't get up and walk away they'd just ignore we existed. kinda like those soldiers that walk around the palace in england and don't make a face... yeah. these people could put them to shame. its like talking to a wall. so we did that for like 2 hrs and found near the end a part member lady who's husband was a member before he died. and she never listened to the missionaries before but now.. she really pondered everything we were saying. (que out of the world music and me thinking someone in the spirit world is helping) but my crazy moment was when i was thinking man... we have the knowledge that can CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND SAVE YOUR SOUL AND MAKE YOU HAPPY AND GIVE YOU ENDLESS PRINCIPALITIES POWERS AND EXALTATION. YOU SHOULD BE PARADING US ON YOUR SHOULDERS AND GATHERING CROWDS TO LISTEN TO OUR MESSAGE. I was like none of you know this. WHY WONT YOU LISTEN. then i remembered Chirst. He was despised and rejected of men. no He was the one that should have been carried around from crowd to crowd and praised. and yet he was not. so if that was how He was treated then I'm glad to play a small part like that too. BUT WE WILL FIND THE PREPARED WHAHAHAHAHA ;) I love you much.
peace love and charity to you all. 
-Sister Hansen 

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