Monday, April 28, 2014

creepers and c.... i dunno anything that starts with c. sasakyans na lang!

Well i don 't have much this week... well fine ill tell you another miracle story about sasakyans (rides) so it was mondayand our investigator told us he had a lot of questions and we should  come teach. well he lives in magacan and there are no rides at night but we went anyway. got done with the lesson mga 6:40. yeah so there's nothing up and coming. So i tell sister De La Torre right away let's pray. so we do. 
well nothing is still coming so we start walking and trying to flag down anything on wheels that we can and mean while im just desperately praying in my head that a sasakyan will come because it's the last day before the transfer and there's an fhe at 7 and we really want to see everyone before the transfer but I also prayed if no sasakyan came that I would be able to see the lesson to be learned (there are no coincidences-Pres Monson) Well we accidently flag down a scooter. it goes a ways up the road then stops. We walk up to it and it has 3 girls on it. they tell us they will walk with us because its night. so we're like no no it's all good go ahead we'll be fine. they didn't listen. they started to call their friend. we figured he was a tricee driver. so for like 20 minutes we're walking with these 3 nice girls. then their friend pulls up. he's on another scooter. so we end up getting on his scooter. 3 of us. me and sister De La Torre side saddle and we made it back mga 7:15. they were so nice. we gave the guy a book of mormon. but riding scooters with random people isn't pwede so we texted president. he said "its ok they were your angels" and i was like woooooah. they were. they literally did as Jesus commanded and walked with us the extra mile. I was inspired to be a better person
Also we had a lot of creepers call and text us this week... eh. one's name is mack mack. he said sister what if someone hurts you? we said forgive them. he said im the hurt one (well we didn't respond after that) then he asked if i had a love. then he asked why we weren't responding. then he said he hopes he dies because he has no one that loves him like a girl friend. then he said ill be gone tomorrow. (like as in dead i think... drama queen) then he called and hung up. well we saw him like 4 days later still living and being a piliwonka. i shook his hand. probably about broke it too haha. guys are odd. um. the work goes forth! so yeah we had transfers. i can NOT tell you how much i miss sis Dela. She's literally one of my best friends. we'd just call each other bagtit, balla, baliw, loco, and crazy all the time. and every time she saw a barking dog she'd say OH men women children (her version of oh man haha) she's just a goof ball and i love her. my new comp is sister sacay. she comes from a family of 7 kids. she is third and six of them are girls with the only brother being 2nd. whoa. as if that doesn't sound familiar. she's the only member though. but her dad is 57! dad that's your age! haha. she's nice obedient and quiet. but i will find her funny bone :) oh and she loves david enchilada so naturally we'll get along great. that's all for now! thanks for the pictures and updates. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS WORK. MAY I BE SMITTEN TO SERVE FOR 14 YEARS AND NEVER RECOVER :) 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Just pictures

( Only pictures came through this week... so enjoy - Sister Hansen's little sister)

Monday, April 14, 2014


true to my word im going to try to load some pictures again :) yeah hopefully those work. if so its me and sister brewer at the baptism in the river,



us when our jeepny almost blew up after conference and was smoking and stuff and i just say there breathing it in so the inside of my nose turned black. ever blown black goobers? yummers. hahah.
then its the monster spider we had a miner panic attack with but that picture doesn't do it justice 
and me on the steps to no where at a rest stop from here to sanchez.
i live it paradice in case you haven't noticed. beauty wise of course but even more with the people. I LOVE PINOS. i also better tell you i finally got rid of the rice cheeks (i dunno if that's right spelling. basta. im living 10000 miles away its ok) the trick is eating like a king for breakfast and queen for lunch and a peasant for dinner and not snacking on doughnuts and stuff. wooo. well we watched conference. IT WAS BETTER THAN CHRISTMAS. I AM THE PROPHET AND APOSTLES' BIGGEST FAN EVER. i really just want to read every teachings of the prophets ever written but those are bawal to read. so ill get to them on a latter date.  as for our investigators.... the ilacas family didn't have money for fare (pamasahe) to come to conference. sooo their baptisms are now in may. BUT THEY'LL get there. you could see the difference in them the week after they all came to church. i dunno what church does but people act different when they go. what else... i had an ah hah moment... so this weekend we left and went to ballesteros and slept over to watch conference so we didn't really work. and you know what. even those 2 days I MIIIIIIIISSSSSEEED. work. i love this work. before i would've been yeeeah 2 days to watch conference and not proselyte but not anymore. its kinda like what purpose do i have in life if im not sharing the gospel with others... wala. i don't know. you just feel empty when you don't work. i have this new drive to use every minute and talk to everyone i can. i can not even begin to thank the Lord enough for my mission. but at least i can try my best to. :) i love you all so much! take elder ballards advice and share the gospel!! invite 4 people a year to listen to the missionaries. pray for courage. the Lord will help you because it's His desire too!
sister Hansen
ps hannah don't get rabbies :)

Monday, April 7, 2014

April 6th (all caught up ;) )

k well this will be a lamish email cuz there is much I still have to do. sorry sorry in advance. to make up for it I'll commit to sending pictures of me next week ( ha as if that doesn't sound vain enough... cuz you guys of course want to see pictures of me as recompense haha) ummm... well an andaconda got into our apartment this week. we didn't really know what to do so we called the DL. then we started dumping our load of permethrin on it. lucky for us that stuff is strong and it eventually died before the elders even came. and since it was the end of the month and we were kinda low on food and funds we decided to eat it. yeah snake meat. hahahah april fools... delayed. but it makes for a great story. here's one i didn't have to make up. yeah one night I'm coming in to have a peaceful night of journaling sitting on my bed. but i glance up in the corner OH HELLO SPIDER BIGGER THAN MY FACE. IT WAS THE BIGGEST SPIDER I HAVE ever SEEN IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE. AND IT PARKED ITSELF RIGHT ABOVE MY BED. we did a lot of screaming and a lot of spraying (permethrin for real this time) and it did a lot of running then jumped up and down three times and died. well I almost died. I didn't know those existed here. as for the spiritual I spiritually rebuked some people for showing up to mcm late, only coming for food, and making fun of the mentally impaired. yeah I went fire and brimstone. I dunno... I think I'm really getting bold here on the mish. also we walked into a back yard on an impression and found a former investigator family that used to come to church. cool. well after we contacted them we're walking back and we walk past this chick and I say to  sister dela torre. we need to talk to her. so we turn around and talk to her. well hello ANOTHER former investigator who used to go to church. that's missionary work. the Lord puts prepared people in the path of His prepared servants. so go prepare then keep your eyes ears and hearts open and be BOLD. love ya'll
love the work
love the Lord
love sister hansen

March 30th (catching up on the emails..)

hahahah do I love my companion... if picking favorites is legal I'd probably say sister de la torre takes the cake. she just loves to laugh and giggle. she's the best I've ever met at serving and giving and she is very obedient. I love her like you wouldn't believe. that said the area is a bit rough. ha we just laugh it off. but I'm not in... kansas (almost said zion but I'm going to make it zion here eventually so I can't say that) anymore toto. it rains a lot and then its super tan (ok I just reread this... um do all my letters sound like this haha I meant to say then its really hot, hence I'm getting super tan) . I can't believe I've been here 3 weeks. transfer is half done and I feel I just got here. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to struggle though. so so grateful. because you grow WAY faster. we challenge everyone we meet to baptism and when they say no we just go well... that speeds things up for us. lets go find someone prepared. shyeah! so we find a lot. haha this week we walked into a random back yard we felt we should walk into and we didn't even have a smooth line like do you know where the agustin family lives. we just go... well HI! we're missionaries. hows it going. what cha cookin. want to hear the gospel. we're going to try to baptize them when we go back next visit. haha. so we had our ZTM and sister barrientos (shes the best) gave a little talk about how its important to look cute and stuff. you look good you feel good. so meanwhile here sister de la torre and I have been trying to wear make up and walk like models on the dirt rocky paths. we're owning it ill tell you haha ;) also im back to sleep talking. really loud. sister de la torre goes sister hansen (cuz I woke her up) sino yung mission crush mo? (who's your mission crush) and apparently I just started giggling and mumbled something unintelligble. haha thats me. this week I started a list of things I will never do and always do. thank you parents for raising me right. so far I've got 2 two personal standards/rules I've set for myself (this isn't like the I won't break the word of wisdom hubbub, that's a no brainer) anyway. I feel really good about it. I love the mission so much. my one year mark is in a week. say what? that's odd. I wish I still had a year to go. well I love you all. I love this work. I love sharing the gospel. 
love sister hansen :)

March 23

yolo.... ha. false advertising. so anyway i think i had salmonilla earlier this week... like monday i stayed in. i had a fever on and off for like a week and my stomach with on a different orbit then the rest of me. but its ooook. im all better now. and so happy for good health. well... um its rained a lot. the people here are great. but  they love to tell us SUPER AFFIRMATIVELY that they are so excited to come to church and we're all yeah yeah yeah.. oh wait. no one came. eeeeehhh. k that's a lie. renz and jessie came. they're like best friends and also friends with our rc. and they are PUMPED to be baptized. so we are PUMPED to get them there. only problem being jessie is moving in a month and renz needs permission from his dad... the same dad that ditched him and his sister when they were young so they live on their own and he gives them money only every once and a while. yup. so we'll work on it. shyeah. also i had another bold moment. it was with one of our investigators who is dating a guy in utah online and he is like building her a house there and he's coming here in mayish and they're going to meet but she will not commit to get baptized. so anyway we had a lesson. she's not reading every day, she came late to church, (keep in mind she feeds us all the time so it does not make it any easier) but we taught baptism and conformation and she's like im still not ready. well the spirit said say this so i go... ooook. "sister. we've taught you not all the lessons and we have nothing new to teach you. our purpose is to baptize those who are prepared to follow the teachings of jesus christ. our time as missionaries is extremely short and precious. we love you. so keep reading your scriptures, keep praying, keep coming to church, and when you're ready to be baptized tell us and we'll come back and teach you again and help you get baptized." yup. whoa where'd that come from. well it's just what happens when you open your mouth. the Lord helps you be bold even when you don't really want to be. yeah so so the work is good. but its hard. but hard is good. shyeah! we challenge everyone we meet to listen to the missionaries and every first lesson we invite them to baptism. man. i love missionary work. im working hard to open my mouth and see everyone in white and be BOLD. i love the work. my shoes don't love me though. ive got one pair that is almost completely detatched from the rubber sole and the other pair rubbed 5 blisters on one foot and 3 on the other. BUT I ENDURED. now i got some sweet calusus and my feet don't hurt. aw yeah. i found a brownie place today. i am my mothers daughter. i bought 60 pesos worth. PARTY IN THE ... PINES TODAY! k well i love the work. never want to stop. im working on the ilocano but it's still kuwawa. but nothing worth while ever came quickly (elder holland said something like that) go share the gospel. you'll feel empowered. 

March 16th (cathing up on the emails..)

so here I am wondering why I still have like 30 minutes to email... oh yeah you all don't know about my life yet. pala. ok so I'm in sanchez. about 5 minutes from the beach. I've seen the beach once from one of our proselyting areas. its huge and beautiful. speaking of... YOU HAVE NOT SEEN BEAUTY TILL YOU HAVE SEEN THE DRIVE FROM DINGRAS TO SANCHEZ. smokes! I took a few pictures but due to the fact its like a frigid 60 degrees and rainy here my camera fogged up and might have broke. yayay verily yay for water proof. what else... uhhh so we only had like 2 investigators at church but we have a couple other families lined up for baptism in early april. one didn't come because their son is in a coma in the hospital. valid. and the other because walang pamasahe (no money for transportation) I told them to walk and hour and half. eh. tough tough. but people are so humble here and you can get into any house pretty much. its really kinda weird because no one stares at me here... its like I'm a pinoy. i haven't quite yet figured out why that is but i will. the people here rock. they think I'm super funny... or weird. not sure of which. (again i forgot my journal so this is just kinda basics... NEXT WEEK) OH and my  comp is sister de la torre. she's like the coolest giggliest most obedient tiny filipina you ever met. you'd love her. cept she prefers to speak tagalog so you wouldn't understand but I'm helping her use english. cuz she knows it better than she thinks. she's sooo cool. we just go around all day saying tagalog restoration quotes: ganon ba? huwag kang maging palalo hijo (its from the evil preacher. google translate it) hahah anyway. the work is good. I'm in a huge apartment again. there is 6 of us. party hardy. ill have stories for you all next week. love you all! go tell someone to go to church with you. dare you. you'll probably get rejected but its the effort that counts. ps: i can almost say a sentence in ilocano na woooo. party on (again) donkey kongs. 
sister hansen out!

March 9th (catching up on all the emails..)

yeah so this will be a short email. I apologize in advance. i forgot my journal... its probably packed... BECAUSE IM HEADED TO SANCHEZ MIRA CAGAYAN. google it. man it about broke my heart to hear the news though. as i went around telling my rc and all I pretty much about started crying. AJ Caballero (daughter and sister of my first 2 rc here) when she heard, her face just dropped. she asked if i was serious. I said yeah. she goes sister sana hindi ka magtratransfer. oi. well if i wasn't already depressed that did it. well its about 5 hours from dingras on the north coast. i head out tomorrow morning. man. good news is im going to be in an apartment with SISTER COPELAND. (my comp for 2 weeks) and i think im taking over sister storey spot (mtc comp) both of whom i adore. my new comp is sister De La torre. she lived upstairs in my first area and she's about the smallest funniest little filipina you will ever meet. my heart is all over the place. I love you all so much! 
love sister hansen

March 2nd (catching up on all the emails)

So pioneers and I have a lot in common... they walked. I walk. they didn't have pictures... I don't have pictures. yup that right a trojan virus got on my card when I was uploading pictures once and now... 90% of my pictures of the best 11 months of my life are gone. mmmm. hahah BUT i prayed for a trial so I could learn things. sooo the whole no pictures no is kinda lame BUT GUESS WHAT?? I know what I'm going to do with my life. I'm going to be an IT or a computer tech engineer. sweet eh? yeah cuz we have this rockin LA who is an IT tech and i was just lucky he's so smart he got back a gig of the pictures. but so i probably won't send pictures anymore on my emails. but yeah. steep trial (i seriously about cried... lucky though cuz ive faithfully kept my journal halos daily) but awesome lesson learned. hmmm OH AND WE HAD OUR BAPTISMS!!! :) hahah miko is nine and he came out of the water raised his fists in the air and said YESSS! hahah everyone was laughing. and steward made it!! he gave up his word of wisdom and was baptized. I'm so lucky to find so many humble good souls here in zion. speaking of... we had interviews. president goes so its been 4 months... I go noooo president. he goes no? so i say *sigh* ok president. (yeah we didn't even have to say it... transfers) but after the interview he goes so where would you rather go north (cagayan jungle land) or south (vigan touristy beautiful old buildings and they have a zoo with tigers) guess what I said? pffft of course NORTH. yayaya adventure and surviving and roughing it! don't know anything for sure but it sounds like im transferring to the northern lands. we'll find out this friday. president goes you know.. there's a lot of baptisms up there. oooh yes. but man I love dingras so  SO SO MUCH. i will come back here one day. that's all for now. love you all :) go share the gospel and bring someone to church. ciao!
-sister hansen

February 23 "talking to the troops and earth quakes"

yeah so in case you were wondering due to the fact that me and sister lavetala are exactly obedient and work out the FULL 30 minutes and don't just stretch and stuff... k run on sentence, but due to that fact we play basketball every single morning. im pround to announce i can almost dribble through my legs while walking and three pointers and free throws are not to too difficult. well doesn't that sound prideful.. k well basically lets just say i don't look SO SO pitiful as i did before. yayaya blessings. they especially pay off when you are trying to invite to church a bunch of 17 year old guys playing basketball. yup. so monday we had an earth quake.. apparently its been like the biggest in 10 or 15 years. im just sitting there like a greenie thinking "why is this shirt im looking at moving?" while everyone is running around screaming and evacuating the building i was like yay short lines. it goes like this. if youre living righteously you shall not fear. man if i died i was like totally ready. we didn't scream or anything cuz we were totally at peace. i know why im here and where im going. do you?  but i didn't die and it was just small like 20 seconds so no worries :) also this was a success week for opening your mouth (oyming) on monday we had to go check in at the police station because we're foreigners. so i oymed and contacted all the police in the building. SCORE.en we went to a random sitio sat down and taught a family and extended family of 17. SEED PLANTING. then we contacted about 10 tricee drivers while waiting for a jeep. BOO YEAH. man nothing touches the joy the gospel brings and the happiness in hitting goals. mmm i love my mission if you didn't already know :) also i gave this 15 minute miny training on charity and oyming on the jeep and on the ride home do you know what we 6 missionaries of dingras did? contacted the whole jeep. whhooooooo. ITS LIKE THE BEST FEELING IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE TO WALK UP TO SOMEONE YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW AND OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND GET TO KNOW THEM THEN SHARE ETERNAL TRUTHS. try it. then try it again if you mess up. its addicting and it gets easier. i love my life and the pinos. i am one in my heart. just want to serve forever. 
-sister hansen signing out :) 

February 16th

yo yo yo so for my life... im getting good at opening my mouth... so much so that we were sitting on a jeep headed to sitio parang. anyway so im sitting by this guy who is just... normal looking and you have that inner battle with satan do i talk do i not... so i looked at him and though well he's a child of God and he might be the soul i was sent to save *sigh* -hand thrust out "hi brother! saan ka galing?" well so small talk small talk. whip out a pamphlet. he lives 4 hours away in a town i can't pronounce let alone spell... but a good conversation. so good infact we totally passed parang *it was dark not all my fault* and landed near the sarrat bridge. sister lavetala we're not in kansas anymore so we get off the jeep in the middle of no where and start hitch hiking back just laughing. lucky we weren't TOO far past parang. but im sure that man will go to church and be baptized with IN THE MOTNH (said in a british accent) PS: (in the middle of a letter... makes a lot of sense but thats how my thought process goes) MOM AND HANNAH HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! YOU'RE SO OLD! HAHAHA joke. you both just guess to whom i directed that comment ;) other funny story so we were getting punted by people we knew were home last monday (so here you don't knock you "tao po" doors) so we sit there tao po... tao po.......... tao po.... tao PO! ........ then i just look at sister lavetala then back at the door "sige po!" (it means alright literally but its kinda like we know you're there and we're leaving now in conversations) sister lavetala started laughing. then we went to another gate down the street. the guy is just inside. 4 feet away with his back to us "tao po.... tao po... tao po..... SIGE PO." hahahah that time we both laughed. didn't want to talk to you that much really anway. ha laugh or cry. so just laugh. hahahahahahahh anyway this week was fun. we should have 2 baptisms in 2 weeks if miko heals from his chicken pox and steward keeps clean on his word of wisdom. the good news is he got over his crush on sister banabatac. he was dead set on waiting for her (she wasn' for that by the way) but then he went to the ysa valentines dance and later told our bmleader "i can't wait for her... i just can't close my heart" good choice steward. yay verily yay to ysa activities hahah :) anyway i tell you more adventures next week. love ya'll! miracles happen daily if you have eyes to search for them. 
love sister hansen

february 9th

this picture is because sometimes we tract through something like the jungles of africa... joke. ha we just found an ususally jungley looking path. for the news this week... well like wednesday i woke up feeling off... had my bowl of cocoa cruch.. didn't help my case. tried to exercise to be obedient but im pretty sure a 90 year old woman with a walker wouldve put my exercising efforts to shame. then our exchanges got over and sis lavetala came back. she's walks in and im just like sister im going to die. hahah. long story short i tried to get up and go work. made it to the waiting shed and was like nope this won't work. came back and threw up cocoa crunch 30 minutes later. well then my fever spiked and i was all what the dengue round 2? then i became that 90 year old woman with the walker and laid in bed most the day. at the end of the day the elders in our branch came and gave me a blessing... man i tell you what priesthood power is real. my fever broke instantly and i went to district meeting the next day. i love the gospel. and my job :)

ok for other adventures. since coming to dingras the attendance has gone from like 70 avg to 140+ last week. woooo miracles! Also this week we had our supposed baptism fall through. his wife came out when we told him his interview was the next day and ffffffllllliiiiipppppeed. we're all what??? satans work. anyway. so we didn't give up THAT easy. we came back another day. he assured us itd be ok for us to share with him. then she came in and went OFF again. calling us ang kulit kulit (which is basically like... uh. what is that in english. like a combo of disobedience and like ignoring their wishes... man i can't think of the word ) but i was totally calm. our fellowshipper bore her testimony to this her aunt. the wife of our baptismal date took a cheap shot and said her (our fellowshippers) own family wouldn''t even listen but our fellowshipper manilyn just said the more opposition i face the more i know its true. well we won't be going back there haha :) oh well. we have some other baptisms coming up in like 2 weeks and three weeks. the work goes on. love you!!! :)
love sister Hansen

February 3 (catching up on all the emails..)

ok. sooo i just about had heart failure when i heard about region swim. WOWOWOWWOWOWOWWOWOWOWOW. yeah. im not going to try to convey what went through my head over email. let's just say it made me really really REALLY happy ;) so favorite quotes for this week: me and sister lavetala are talking about how everyone gets married super fast. well she goes "man so like all the talks and stuff say pray and fast to know who to marry... hahahahahahahahahah.... skip two meals??? hahahahah... for a guy?? hahahahaha... no WAY!" k so i sorta laughed really hard. then earlier at robinsons (the mall) we're pondering over the peanutbutter and she goes "so where is the one that has like peanuts?" haha i gave her a funny look and shes like "nooo like whole peanuts!" hahah we laughed pretty good. 
so offending people is tending to be my forte. yes. church is a commandment. no you shouldn't work on sunday just because it's convenient. sorry? its the truth. its all good though because they came to church anyway. but yeah i decided you know what? trying to please everyone it so exhausting! just be righteous and wait for friends or people who are willing to live your standards too. 
man... i love the gospel so much but it makes me sooo tired. all. the. time. but im so happy so it's ok. other new for the week. our baptismal date pedro's wife and daughter decided to forbid him to be baptized. uuuuhhh HE'S BEEN AN INVESTIGATOR FOR 2 YEARS AND NOW YOU DECIDE TO STEP IN. grrrrr.... yeah. more people offended. i told them to give him his agency and they flipped. yeah we're soooo going back there. he can't just slip off the radar when he's so close and he wants it too. 
So i was reading this conference talk by james e faust and he talks about forgiveness. especially the forgivness the amish give so freely. to a guy who suddenly lost reason when his baby died and gunned down 10 small girls at a school. they (the amish)  went to the mans wife and children and assured them of their forgiveness and mourned with them. half the people who came to the mans funeral were amish. anyway it got me thinking.... why do we get offended over the pettiest thing. being offended and festering hate only punishes us and poisons our spirits. when you feel you can't forgive pray. pray like you never have. then let go off all negative thoughts and feelings toward that person. don't be offended. it's stupid. truth is truth whether you choose to be offended about it or not. anway. i hope we can baptize a few this transfer. i love my mission. but i am so so tired. its a good life :) love you all!
love me :)

january 26th

k fam and friends... you might be wondering why i send a picture of a chicken... well this isn't just any chicken.. this is the MOST monsterous huge rooster you have ever seen in your whole life. i feel like if i caught it and killed it i could feed a small island. its probably like 30 or 40 pounds. thats a lot of wendys chicken sandwiches. the chicken in front is a full sized normal chicken. yeah marvel... so for this week... im STAYING IN ZION :) yay verily yay (court jester quote) anyway. yeah im pumped. my new comp is from samoa... dont remember her name now its like tave lava.. anyway i meet her tomorrow. sister banabatac is headed to laoag. she'll do great. she's obedient. so if you all want to know how to baptize ill tell you... OBEDIENCE. when i sit you shall sit when i kneel you shall kneel etc, etc, etc. literally find everything the prophets (mission president for us) has EVER advised you to do and do it! 
(sorry I couldn't flip the picture)
so sometimes there isnt a road... but theres a wall and bunch of fields. so we improvise and make our own path. do what you got to... sun rain or shine.. or dogs... or chickens... or 7 foot walls... or drunk guys... you know your everyday obstacles. yeah just keep going. hmmm other adventures... there's an american here.. i think she's a missionary for another church... its weird. i stood a far off and gawked at her from across the street. im pinoy now. then we got distracted because we see this car rolling away down the street... no driver. its dark. so that was creepy. but we ran and stopped its slow decent. contacted the owner... its how its done. 
 and foooor the spiritual. so it was late again and we just went back to this neighborhood last minute and taught this member. well after the lesson she's all yeah my relatives live there. so we go to this house and find agnes (non member) and jerald (LA member) ooooo yes.. i love part members. well so we teach them and the spirit is like whowhowhwohwohwohwowh (yeah thats what went through my mind) and then something like yayayayayayayay... BAPTISM. so the 12 weeks program for trainees says challenge them to baptism the first day. so we did. it also says say a kneeling prayer at the end of the first lesson. so we did. totally accepted the date and started crying during the prayer. the next lesson we come back. she's read the whole intro. (nobody does that) and prayed about it (weird) then she asks so how can i know its true? what does it feel like (hahahah um well i thought id never see the day) so i was all remember when you prayed last time? what did you feel. she's like.... like its true. yup. it is. and that's the spirit. BE BAPTIZED ALREADY. long story short. her husband and child came to church. she's going to come next week sana when she changes her work schedule and everything will be peaches and daisies. i love my job. peace out!

January 19th (catching up on all the emails..)

im sooo sorry ya'll. this is a dumpy letter. we just had a zone activity and have like walang time. plus i forgot my journal... and my memory is that of an old man right now soo let me think... um our baptism fell through! word of wisdom... and he lied about it... its always the best. its ok. we'll just postpone it. he WILL be baptized. i hope. um yeah and transfers are in a week and a little... thats freaky. i feel i just got to dingras. may i never transfer this is the promised land. ill never stop saying that but i just love these people so much. on sunday our bml (branch mission leader) at our mcm is all how about you all ask your president if you can NOT transfer. im for it! haha except im more for just being obedient. so we'll see what happens. haha the other day we decided to contact in our neighbor hood. love your neighbor right? :) well we were punted a lot. we found this filipino guy.. his wife lets on he grew up in LA... so im all you know english...? and he goes... yuuupp... yeah. i freaked. no one speaks english with walang accent here. probably scared him off too cuz he went inside and didn't come back out. haha whoops.. 'merica! well thats all for now. itll be way better next week i promise! love you all! :)
-sister hansen