Monday, April 7, 2014

March 9th (catching up on all the emails..)

yeah so this will be a short email. I apologize in advance. i forgot my journal... its probably packed... BECAUSE IM HEADED TO SANCHEZ MIRA CAGAYAN. google it. man it about broke my heart to hear the news though. as i went around telling my rc and all I pretty much about started crying. AJ Caballero (daughter and sister of my first 2 rc here) when she heard, her face just dropped. she asked if i was serious. I said yeah. she goes sister sana hindi ka magtratransfer. oi. well if i wasn't already depressed that did it. well its about 5 hours from dingras on the north coast. i head out tomorrow morning. man. good news is im going to be in an apartment with SISTER COPELAND. (my comp for 2 weeks) and i think im taking over sister storey spot (mtc comp) both of whom i adore. my new comp is sister De La torre. she lived upstairs in my first area and she's about the smallest funniest little filipina you will ever meet. my heart is all over the place. I love you all so much! 
love sister hansen

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