Monday, April 14, 2014


true to my word im going to try to load some pictures again :) yeah hopefully those work. if so its me and sister brewer at the baptism in the river,



us when our jeepny almost blew up after conference and was smoking and stuff and i just say there breathing it in so the inside of my nose turned black. ever blown black goobers? yummers. hahah.
then its the monster spider we had a miner panic attack with but that picture doesn't do it justice 
and me on the steps to no where at a rest stop from here to sanchez.
i live it paradice in case you haven't noticed. beauty wise of course but even more with the people. I LOVE PINOS. i also better tell you i finally got rid of the rice cheeks (i dunno if that's right spelling. basta. im living 10000 miles away its ok) the trick is eating like a king for breakfast and queen for lunch and a peasant for dinner and not snacking on doughnuts and stuff. wooo. well we watched conference. IT WAS BETTER THAN CHRISTMAS. I AM THE PROPHET AND APOSTLES' BIGGEST FAN EVER. i really just want to read every teachings of the prophets ever written but those are bawal to read. so ill get to them on a latter date.  as for our investigators.... the ilacas family didn't have money for fare (pamasahe) to come to conference. sooo their baptisms are now in may. BUT THEY'LL get there. you could see the difference in them the week after they all came to church. i dunno what church does but people act different when they go. what else... i had an ah hah moment... so this weekend we left and went to ballesteros and slept over to watch conference so we didn't really work. and you know what. even those 2 days I MIIIIIIIISSSSSEEED. work. i love this work. before i would've been yeeeah 2 days to watch conference and not proselyte but not anymore. its kinda like what purpose do i have in life if im not sharing the gospel with others... wala. i don't know. you just feel empty when you don't work. i have this new drive to use every minute and talk to everyone i can. i can not even begin to thank the Lord enough for my mission. but at least i can try my best to. :) i love you all so much! take elder ballards advice and share the gospel!! invite 4 people a year to listen to the missionaries. pray for courage. the Lord will help you because it's His desire too!
sister Hansen
ps hannah don't get rabbies :)

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