Monday, April 7, 2014

March 2nd (catching up on all the emails)

So pioneers and I have a lot in common... they walked. I walk. they didn't have pictures... I don't have pictures. yup that right a trojan virus got on my card when I was uploading pictures once and now... 90% of my pictures of the best 11 months of my life are gone. mmmm. hahah BUT i prayed for a trial so I could learn things. sooo the whole no pictures no is kinda lame BUT GUESS WHAT?? I know what I'm going to do with my life. I'm going to be an IT or a computer tech engineer. sweet eh? yeah cuz we have this rockin LA who is an IT tech and i was just lucky he's so smart he got back a gig of the pictures. but so i probably won't send pictures anymore on my emails. but yeah. steep trial (i seriously about cried... lucky though cuz ive faithfully kept my journal halos daily) but awesome lesson learned. hmmm OH AND WE HAD OUR BAPTISMS!!! :) hahah miko is nine and he came out of the water raised his fists in the air and said YESSS! hahah everyone was laughing. and steward made it!! he gave up his word of wisdom and was baptized. I'm so lucky to find so many humble good souls here in zion. speaking of... we had interviews. president goes so its been 4 months... I go noooo president. he goes no? so i say *sigh* ok president. (yeah we didn't even have to say it... transfers) but after the interview he goes so where would you rather go north (cagayan jungle land) or south (vigan touristy beautiful old buildings and they have a zoo with tigers) guess what I said? pffft of course NORTH. yayaya adventure and surviving and roughing it! don't know anything for sure but it sounds like im transferring to the northern lands. we'll find out this friday. president goes you know.. there's a lot of baptisms up there. oooh yes. but man I love dingras so  SO SO MUCH. i will come back here one day. that's all for now. love you all :) go share the gospel and bring someone to church. ciao!
-sister hansen

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