Monday, April 7, 2014

January 19th (catching up on all the emails..)

im sooo sorry ya'll. this is a dumpy letter. we just had a zone activity and have like walang time. plus i forgot my journal... and my memory is that of an old man right now soo let me think... um our baptism fell through! word of wisdom... and he lied about it... its always the best. its ok. we'll just postpone it. he WILL be baptized. i hope. um yeah and transfers are in a week and a little... thats freaky. i feel i just got to dingras. may i never transfer this is the promised land. ill never stop saying that but i just love these people so much. on sunday our bml (branch mission leader) at our mcm is all how about you all ask your president if you can NOT transfer. im for it! haha except im more for just being obedient. so we'll see what happens. haha the other day we decided to contact in our neighbor hood. love your neighbor right? :) well we were punted a lot. we found this filipino guy.. his wife lets on he grew up in LA... so im all you know english...? and he goes... yuuupp... yeah. i freaked. no one speaks english with walang accent here. probably scared him off too cuz he went inside and didn't come back out. haha whoops.. 'merica! well thats all for now. itll be way better next week i promise! love you all! :)
-sister hansen

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