Monday, April 7, 2014

February 16th

yo yo yo so for my life... im getting good at opening my mouth... so much so that we were sitting on a jeep headed to sitio parang. anyway so im sitting by this guy who is just... normal looking and you have that inner battle with satan do i talk do i not... so i looked at him and though well he's a child of God and he might be the soul i was sent to save *sigh* -hand thrust out "hi brother! saan ka galing?" well so small talk small talk. whip out a pamphlet. he lives 4 hours away in a town i can't pronounce let alone spell... but a good conversation. so good infact we totally passed parang *it was dark not all my fault* and landed near the sarrat bridge. sister lavetala we're not in kansas anymore so we get off the jeep in the middle of no where and start hitch hiking back just laughing. lucky we weren't TOO far past parang. but im sure that man will go to church and be baptized with IN THE MOTNH (said in a british accent) PS: (in the middle of a letter... makes a lot of sense but thats how my thought process goes) MOM AND HANNAH HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! YOU'RE SO OLD! HAHAHA joke. you both just guess to whom i directed that comment ;) other funny story so we were getting punted by people we knew were home last monday (so here you don't knock you "tao po" doors) so we sit there tao po... tao po.......... tao po.... tao PO! ........ then i just look at sister lavetala then back at the door "sige po!" (it means alright literally but its kinda like we know you're there and we're leaving now in conversations) sister lavetala started laughing. then we went to another gate down the street. the guy is just inside. 4 feet away with his back to us "tao po.... tao po... tao po..... SIGE PO." hahahah that time we both laughed. didn't want to talk to you that much really anway. ha laugh or cry. so just laugh. hahahahahahahh anyway this week was fun. we should have 2 baptisms in 2 weeks if miko heals from his chicken pox and steward keeps clean on his word of wisdom. the good news is he got over his crush on sister banabatac. he was dead set on waiting for her (she wasn' for that by the way) but then he went to the ysa valentines dance and later told our bmleader "i can't wait for her... i just can't close my heart" good choice steward. yay verily yay to ysa activities hahah :) anyway i tell you more adventures next week. love ya'll! miracles happen daily if you have eyes to search for them. 
love sister hansen

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