Monday, April 7, 2014

March 30th (catching up on the emails..)

hahahah do I love my companion... if picking favorites is legal I'd probably say sister de la torre takes the cake. she just loves to laugh and giggle. she's the best I've ever met at serving and giving and she is very obedient. I love her like you wouldn't believe. that said the area is a bit rough. ha we just laugh it off. but I'm not in... kansas (almost said zion but I'm going to make it zion here eventually so I can't say that) anymore toto. it rains a lot and then its super tan (ok I just reread this... um do all my letters sound like this haha I meant to say then its really hot, hence I'm getting super tan) . I can't believe I've been here 3 weeks. transfer is half done and I feel I just got here. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to struggle though. so so grateful. because you grow WAY faster. we challenge everyone we meet to baptism and when they say no we just go well... that speeds things up for us. lets go find someone prepared. shyeah! so we find a lot. haha this week we walked into a random back yard we felt we should walk into and we didn't even have a smooth line like do you know where the agustin family lives. we just go... well HI! we're missionaries. hows it going. what cha cookin. want to hear the gospel. we're going to try to baptize them when we go back next visit. haha. so we had our ZTM and sister barrientos (shes the best) gave a little talk about how its important to look cute and stuff. you look good you feel good. so meanwhile here sister de la torre and I have been trying to wear make up and walk like models on the dirt rocky paths. we're owning it ill tell you haha ;) also im back to sleep talking. really loud. sister de la torre goes sister hansen (cuz I woke her up) sino yung mission crush mo? (who's your mission crush) and apparently I just started giggling and mumbled something unintelligble. haha thats me. this week I started a list of things I will never do and always do. thank you parents for raising me right. so far I've got 2 two personal standards/rules I've set for myself (this isn't like the I won't break the word of wisdom hubbub, that's a no brainer) anyway. I feel really good about it. I love the mission so much. my one year mark is in a week. say what? that's odd. I wish I still had a year to go. well I love you all. I love this work. I love sharing the gospel. 
love sister hansen :)

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