Monday, April 7, 2014

March 23

yolo.... ha. false advertising. so anyway i think i had salmonilla earlier this week... like monday i stayed in. i had a fever on and off for like a week and my stomach with on a different orbit then the rest of me. but its ooook. im all better now. and so happy for good health. well... um its rained a lot. the people here are great. but  they love to tell us SUPER AFFIRMATIVELY that they are so excited to come to church and we're all yeah yeah yeah.. oh wait. no one came. eeeeehhh. k that's a lie. renz and jessie came. they're like best friends and also friends with our rc. and they are PUMPED to be baptized. so we are PUMPED to get them there. only problem being jessie is moving in a month and renz needs permission from his dad... the same dad that ditched him and his sister when they were young so they live on their own and he gives them money only every once and a while. yup. so we'll work on it. shyeah. also i had another bold moment. it was with one of our investigators who is dating a guy in utah online and he is like building her a house there and he's coming here in mayish and they're going to meet but she will not commit to get baptized. so anyway we had a lesson. she's not reading every day, she came late to church, (keep in mind she feeds us all the time so it does not make it any easier) but we taught baptism and conformation and she's like im still not ready. well the spirit said say this so i go... ooook. "sister. we've taught you not all the lessons and we have nothing new to teach you. our purpose is to baptize those who are prepared to follow the teachings of jesus christ. our time as missionaries is extremely short and precious. we love you. so keep reading your scriptures, keep praying, keep coming to church, and when you're ready to be baptized tell us and we'll come back and teach you again and help you get baptized." yup. whoa where'd that come from. well it's just what happens when you open your mouth. the Lord helps you be bold even when you don't really want to be. yeah so so the work is good. but its hard. but hard is good. shyeah! we challenge everyone we meet to listen to the missionaries and every first lesson we invite them to baptism. man. i love missionary work. im working hard to open my mouth and see everyone in white and be BOLD. i love the work. my shoes don't love me though. ive got one pair that is almost completely detatched from the rubber sole and the other pair rubbed 5 blisters on one foot and 3 on the other. BUT I ENDURED. now i got some sweet calusus and my feet don't hurt. aw yeah. i found a brownie place today. i am my mothers daughter. i bought 60 pesos worth. PARTY IN THE ... PINES TODAY! k well i love the work. never want to stop. im working on the ilocano but it's still kuwawa. but nothing worth while ever came quickly (elder holland said something like that) go share the gospel. you'll feel empowered. 

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