Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 28th Battle with princess

well this week we battled with princess again... and lost. here's what went down. princess was our invesigator right who was so golden the angels were singing as we taught her. but she was being taught by other missionaries too diba? yeah well we went to her house and it was over from the begining. shes like sisters these are all my beliefs now. im now one of them. and in my head im just like no no no no no no nooooooooooooooo. don't do it!!! so she tells us how Christ is just a person not a God in their religion and im like WO UNTO THE LIAR. i dunno who is feeding her these lies but i was filled with the spirit and we just started to testify of christ because it's all we could do. Mean while her LA cousin grandpa and grandma are just sitting there listening to this. And i kid you not had she not been past feeling ANYONE could have felt the spirit that entered the room. we were so desperate trying to save her soul I just felt this surge so i prayed and told Him I'm going to open my scriptures (this never ever ever works for me. but this time... it did) and read the first thing i see. Well i open to Mosiah 3 and the first thing i saw was verse 10. which talks about how christ rose on the thrid day and i read that until verse 13. Shes not changing though... so im thinking. no. we've lost. but then the LA (less actives) in the room start being like girl what are you thinking? haven't you read the bible? and virtually every one of them bore their testimony to her that Christ lives in their own way.

And i realized no we didn't lose. We strengthened the faith of 3 LA in Jesus Christ. And as long as We're on the Lord's side we can never truly lose. Cuz this is the truth. 

other good moments: We go and teach another LA and an investigator. so we follow up? did you guys read? "yes" mmmm... whatd you read about (our one investigator we'll call him bob) says confidently "wars!" ahhh... never heard that before. we don't let you get off that easy. who was warring? ".... i don't remember" well what book was it in at least "....*awkward silence*" sister ieremia goes i bet it was 1st nephi? and he goes"yeah THAT was it" hahahahah THERE IS NOT ONE WAR IN FIRST NEPHI. WO UNTO THE LIAR. hahahah i just started to laugh and they might have got the smallest bit upset but it was so funny. 
i also had a guy tell me he was a binata pa (still bachelor) like 3 times when i mentioned Lesson 2 plan of salvation. he's like im siiiinnngggllle and in my head im like (AND YOU'RE GOING TO STAY THAT WAY WAHAHAHAHA) haha i just left him a pamphlet. I love this work. its so much fun. PEOPLE ARE SO MUCH FUN. they make me laugh. may i be smitten to never stop serving ;) 
i love life
i love you all
sister hansen

July 21st

sorry im still sending pictures from... long long ago and far far away on judea's plain. my brain hurts... haha so this might not be the most exciting letter. um lets see so yesterday we're out proselyting. k wait it gets better. then we got punted. so we're sitting there assessing our plan and thinking and i notice this guy down the street. so i stare at him. well he's staring back at me. and its far enough away its awkward but not terribly. so we sit there in an akward staring thing and in my brain the spirit is like talk to him! and the devil was like he's sooo far away. that's so awkward. so i sit there with this inner battle in my head. as the evil thinking started to win. he walked half way over. FINE. haha so i was like sister lets talk to him. so we're all yo bro. how's life.... yada yada yada.... we're missionaries! "im INC" well that's GREAT! we're mormons! (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) he says its bawal for us to talk to other religions... i asked him do you really believe your church is true. "yes" ....more awkward staring except this time its more like an assesment of his soul on my part. well then i said we have a pamphlet... and i went on to share about the restoration and stuff and his eyes were glued and something in his head (the spirit) was like yes yes yes. and then i asked again brother can we come back. he said he's not there too often cuz of work. basta. we'll try brother! the spirit guided us to him so we better at least give it our very best effort. that's pretty much how the work goes. every day there are miracles and happiness and apostasized people that have gone back to catholic.... eh hahaha. mostly i just love pictures of Christ, my planner has His picture, my journal, my study journal, I've got a poster from a friend magazine from the 90's hanging in my room. Im a filipino now now, im a filipino now now. bangity bang. bangity bang (its the im a little airplane now song... you SHOULD know it haha) yeah more adventures and greater creativity next week friends and fam :) LOV EYOU MUCH MORE THAN I LOVE FRIED BANANAS. WHICH IS TO SAY A LOT. as in ( a filipino saying they say to mean super... but it doesn't mean that. but HERE IT DOES. hahahah ) 
love sister hansen

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


im going to try to send pictures to ya'll this week... problem being they're super big. so hopefully they get to you!! hahaha....

 of course they cant be as big as my face right now...

 so there was these other missionaries that were trying to teach one of our investigators, and bust  into the middle of the lesson. Well i wasn't having that so I went at them with the bible. They came at me with their fists. I won. hahaha no.

But it makes for a great story as dad would say. No we played bull rush on the cement for a zone activity and me being the graceful, quick reflexed missionary i am, decided to go for a running trip... leading home with my shoulder and my face. now the right side of my face looks like i surgically implanted a golf ball there. im not lady gaga. im a missionary. WHY DO I HAVE A GOLF BALL IN MY FACE. on the bright side i was protected not to get a concussion or anything. so thats a blessing.

um what else. we found this investigator this week... she is like the kind of investigator that  starts telling you how she was going to sleep but then she remembered "hey i need to pray" but then another voice said "you're tired just sleep". and she's all there were two voices.

and also she says stuff like "I know God answers prayers but not always how you want but in the way that's best for you. But sometimes when you really really need something He answers right away."  and in your own head you're all 2 nephi 32:8-9!! and elder Scott's talk!! and then these angels pop out from behind her chair and start singing hallelujahs and stuff and you're just like quiet angels! later well party over this found soul. she's currently being taught by these other missionaries that don't believe Jesus is the Son of God. .... I could say a lot of things about that doctrine... and those preaching it. But instead I just told her that guess what?? JESUS IS THE CHRIST. AND THIS CHURCH IS TRUE AND YOU JUST GOT TO READ THIS BOOK. and the angels kept singing and she commited to come to church. woooo.

also i got pricked by a cactus this week. I told sister Barrientos. She's a nurse. She checked up on me that night. I told her it was red and blue and purple and green, itchy and swelling and that I need to probably be confined (ie go to the hospital) She told me to take an antehystamine... any brand willl do. 
and then i was like thinking.... 
hahahah reason number 7 my mission president and wife are the best. They're funny :) 
Love you all! enjoy the pics of hannahs 2 weeks ago. (ps hannah you have the best resort. you should have told us! (as in you're twins!... what? no... no way. mum should have told us hahaha funny joke) 
as always
sister hansen :)

Monday, July 14, 2014

July 7th

hey ya'll want to know what i did this fine independence week.
saved some souls.. or attempted... still working
also i realized stuff like that is PRETTY SWEET. but its SO temporary. like by the end of the day i was like that was fun. lets go back and help some people! wooo! (said like bella on how it shouldve ended twighlight... cept she wants to eat some people... gross. that's not in the diet)
Other thing is it was fast sunday. so i fasted. profound i know. no it was profound actually. I was fasting for charity and courage (because charity is a gift bestowed not like a spiritual muscle you exercise and it gets bigger and stronger... see talks by elder holland and moroni7:45 and 46 i think... yata) but anyway.
I got PLLLEEENNTY OF EXPERIENCES on both. on the small scale playing piano for sacrament... on the large scale... ridicule for being obedient to mission rules. you know what president said. its better to offend man than God. pretty sure he was quoting a bunch of apostles. so i walked down the steps feeling like today im going to need to be bold. and i was. on the charity end of things. One of our investigators came to church... she has a small child. well he's kinda makulit so she took him out and walked with him and stuff well after church she looked oddly discontent. I mostly just brushed it off. then that night we went to teach her and she let on that her 500 pesos (like 12 bucks) had got lost at the church when her toddler was playing in her bag. she had gone back and looked for it. wala. well i bore my testimony about finding thing and praying. she said that was all the money they had for food. we told her we'd go and look for it.
after the lesson she VERY timidly asked if she could borrow money. from us and our fellowshipper. they are SO poor. she said they only had a cup left of rice. man. my heart. i didn't know if it was ok so we asked president if we could stay out later and look for her money at the church if it was even unlocked. he said ok. i prayed so hard the church would even be open. it was :) mind you we've been fasting all day and our church is on top of a hill then theres another 80+ steps to the top. i was dyyyyiiinnng. hahah but it was ok. we searched that place up and down and prayed. nothin. man. ok. well president texts us later that night and asked if we found the 500. we said no but that we wanted to go back this morning and look again. he said if you don't find it you can just give her the 500 or buy her grocceries ( my president is so  CHRISTLIKE) He told us we could be charitable before I even asked if we could give her money (i need to be more charitable) but we gave her money this morning. she was so shy to take it. but she texted us later saying maraming maraming salamat. long story short. people are more important than money. i want to volunteer at an old people home, a homeless shelter and the developmental center when i get back. I LOVE PEOPLE. I LOVE THIS WORK. AND I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
-sister hansen