Monday, June 17, 2013

wowza! way to go hannah! you rock. really you do. I tell everyone about my stellar good at everything family. Ah what good genes we have. Salamat Po Dad and Mum. 

hahahaha funny that you all had to talk in church... i did too! The bishop comes up to me at the beginning of classes after relief society and goes Sister want to talk in sacrament... naturally i thought he was joking. haha funny bishop... he just stares. Ummm... what subject? tithing :) ooooh... well... i suppose.... how long? -oh uhh 10 minutes! (now it was my turn to stare) oh um 5 minutes! ok... i will try bishop. I think i talked for 7. blessings to me. haha don't know if they even understood it... im over it. But was someone praying for me yesterday??? because at church i was understanding people!! like they said a joke. i got it. miracles happen people. That seriously made my day. its about the worst feeling in the world for someone to spout off giberish then everyone laughs and you just smile weakly. yeeeaaah so nice to laugh. oh!

 Dad happy Fathers DAY!!!! late. i know. But what a great day it was. k eye opener this week. Friday it rains. ha you think you know rain? you probably don't. it POURS here. like singing in the rain status on steroids. in 20 minutes its up to your ankles. and do you feel legit? yes, yes you do. Like a boss... or a pioneer. or someone that forges through things for the greater good. I smiled like a weirdo while i got soaked.

 Then later we were teaching Tatay Abraham. (this is the moment)  ill just quote my journal: "So yesterday we were sitting in a lesson with Tatay Abs and we were soaked and our toes were prunny (i taught sis Sadiano that word and i was so proud... i thought you'd like to know) and our shoes were dripping water from the inside out. and were sitting on the ground and he was on a small stool and there were 3 lizards on the ceiling and we used a flash light cuz the lights were dim and we testified. and i thought: this is the real deal. ha no airbrushed only the good parts "the district" episode here. Theres probably roaches in the crack underneath me im sitting on and the twins are noisy and i cant speak and i love it ALL. ha i've serioiusly never been happier/more content. Maybe Im becoiming more like a Filipino but you're just happy because you trust in the Lord, you know he answers prayers, and you will be ok. Yay missionary work!  

Yup that's my entry

Life is good. Our thief/contact who robbed our neighbors was caught. Heavenly Father answers prayers. and when we tried to explain to sister mimi who the gentiles are in the scriptures she goes oohh... so kinda like muggles. hahahahahaha oh man. i love this work. 

We're praying tatay Abraham has a good interview this week and will be our first baptism next week! we'll see. Well i love you all. Hey. Dear Elder me! we still get them after like 3 weeks but its free! so keep them coming. till later. Share the gospel because it rocks. 
Ps: im going to come home with such a weird sense of humor. All my jokes are now gospely... yeah we'll see how that goes. 

-Sister Hansen

P.s. I have a new motto. you might want to tell everyone. It's FAIL GLORIOUSLY!!! good motto eh? its better to fail trying to do the right thing then sitting there like a pansy and wishing you had said or done something but you didn't. failing is great. its how we learn. 

Sister Hansen at the Beach of P-day

Monday, June 10, 2013

I went to the beach.... and killed at steal the flag. what's new?

Dadio! my mission president and his wife are the Barrientos! pretty much love them. They're filipino. They must love me too cuz remember how I spoke in stake leaders meeting just me and sister Gadiano? well after sister Barrientos goes "they're two of our finest" ummm... ive only been out 2 weeks but thank you! ill take it! then after this lady comes up to me and hugs me (she'd been teaching) but i was all awkward because in our mission its bawal (forbidden) to hug anyone! I just realized She's Elder Teh's wife. As in Elder Teh of the 70. a general authority's wife hugged me!! and i was awkward! who preaches to a 70's wife? I do apparently! check that off the bucket list. hahah.

Oh and remember how someone broke into the eddingtons house? yeah so we found out who. it was this kid we actually contacted on the corner a few nights before. crazy eh? he said he was mormon (but he had bleached hair.... suspicious) and was an rm of manilla but when i asked for referrals (rms should know what that is right?) he looked at me all confused (k my tagalog isn't THAT bad that i mispronounced referrals IN english) anyway.... so his name is romel. and we have like 50 jokes about romel now. If something is creepy or we hear a creepy sound. its probably romel. 

DAAADDDD HAPPY FATHERS DAY NEXT WEEK!!!!  I will write you a heart felt letter the day after deal? look forward to it :)

 OH today for zone activity we went to the beach. THE BEEEEAAACCCHHH. aaaannnnddd then we played capture the flag. as in my favorite summer game of ALL TIME. on the beach. my inner swimmer came out and i was pretty competitive. I gave a stirring speech to all my team (cuz i was captain) about how its better to fail gloriously then sit in a stale mate for 10 minutes. I seriously love our zone and i hope they like me cuz im kinda a dork but I dont care.

 I will try to send picture next week! ask barb for my story on how my tagalog got made fun of but then the lady came to church. sorry my thoughts are scattered. but it was a good story. man i love this work. and its kinda sad buuuuutttt My fame has died. like hannah montana or sagwa. what was once popular is forgotten. they probably got sick of me the 4 time i said hello po going down the same street, the same day. 

The bugs have decided to level up and the party is now on my arms. bites EVERYWHERE. love it though. haha. battle wounds and such. mostly my biggest struggle here is just the language. I have SO MUCH to say but i speak like im 3. im over it. ill just keep trying. it will come. the lord is with me. I seriously rely on him sooooo so SO much. I pray every day for the gift of tongues so I can be a better teacher and help these people. 

news of the week: I got tatay Abraham (our not just golden but platinum investigator) to smile. I seriously cannot wait for his baptism on the 29th. he'll be my first. first let me tell you how i did it. sooo filipinos have this strange notion that white is beautiful (everyone wants what they cant have) so we're talking about it at the hilarios and Sis G goes tatay do you want to be white? and he says yes. and i go "hindi! HINNNNDDDI! (no) and i told him his skin was beautiful and he cracked a half grin! my life is complete. 

so some funny moments: this week sister diamonds ipod is playing and its tab choir. and i could swear they're playing the "praise to budah" song on king and I. I started to laugh. its a bit ironic the tab choir singing that. I dunno... 

I just want to tell you all I love you. and I think of you. Be kind to each other. And NEVER be sarcastic IF its at someone elses expense. its the most belittling thing ever. 

Mom i love you. i want you to get better soooo much. so get a blessing. and just trek on. kayo mo yen! (you can do it) the lord is always with you. he is with the walkers. Lean on him. I promise the closer you try to be to him the more you'll see him everyday. im sorry you're sick. its like the hardest trial ever but I love ya'll. know that. until next week :) ill live on. 

love you
Sister Hansen

Monday, June 3, 2013

I Love this place

Pamilya ko!
I love ya. ha the noah thing actually made me laugh. because yes he was guided and all but the part about raining forty days and nights... rainy season is coming and apparently it does flood. ppppaaaarrrtaay! My comps name is sister Gadiano. She's filipino funny patient and rocks. Mom get better and try to walk the block it might help! at least id hope it would. and this week was a little hard but I see miracles every where. 
ha last week after I sent you all the letter funny thing.  Istart to feel sick. Soon ive got this burning fever and im bed ridden and its like 85 degrees in our appartment and im wearing a sweatshirt dress and sweats. I guess that was nice cuz I embraced the sweat. funny thing is I actually sorta like the heat now. I go into the air conditioned church and its cold. yay sweat! Im kinda struggling with the language so keep the prayers coming. I CAN'T UNDERSTAND IT. gah its like the most frustrating thing in the world to try to bear your heart out and they don't get OR if they do and respond you just say ano(what?) and they repeat their selves and you just stare at them... and stare... and stare some more. hahah awwwkkward. so you look away. and act like you never said anything. welcome to my life.
 But at least the filipinos still think im gorgeous. I love them. hahhahaa I seriously die. I get cat called at so much and I just have to laugh cuz they're all so funny and like 2 heads shorter :) kwento! so yesterday im walking past this bar (i think and this older dude goes heeellllooo beautiful! (in english) haha i just said hindi!!!! sister SSEEEESSSTTTTEEERR! :) he goes oh. hellooo seeesster. do you see why i love these people? they are so much fun. I say hello po to EVERYONE. its great. I'm no longer the new white american because I walk down the same streets like 40 times a day so they just smile now cuz they know a hello po is comiing. My investigator we committed to baptism is named tatay abraham. He's like 59 and he's not doing well cuz he has an enlarged heart but ace (nephew) and his sister nanay crisamel were recently baptized. When I bear my testimony to him I can tell he really listens even though i can't understand him. I don't know why but I can tell he really listens to my words. He's such a sweet heart. we practically live at their house. ive got to send you a picture. you wouldn't believe the building they live by. ha the other day ace (he's 19 and we committed him to serving a mission :) ) figured out how americans put an s on the end of things to make it plural so he goes hello po's ingat po'sssss and then as we were leaving he was getting pretty excited about it and he goes ingat possssssssess SSSIISSSTTERRSSSEZZZSS hahaha I laughed so hard.
 oh ps: the eddingtons (older couple that lives right RIGHT next door, got their house broken into and 2 computers a tablet and a cam corder stolen. stupid head robber. and it was on Bro. Eddingtons birthday too!(sound familiar dad?) these people gave us toilet paper and toothpaste on Sister Obras birthday and bought trick candles just to see her try to blow them out for 10 minutes and they get it when I say old man status. They're so funny. and they got stolen from. the guy has said he was an rm from manilla the night before when he was chilling inside our gate and they asked who he was. creeper status. no worries we're getting locks.
 the work goes forth! we might challenge 2 or 3 people to baptism this week if all goes well. man do I love Filipinos. I just WISH I could understand them! pray for me still yes? Emily!!! I know how you feel I had 36 bites on my legs before i figured out how great off is! they're so itchy huh? can you all believe its been two months???? I feel like I got dropped off last week. oh man. I miss ya'll. i got a titch distracted thinking of ya'll this last week but im working on just focusing on the work and not thinking of the pool and summer and such. well ciao!
sister hansen
ps: good luck ya'll in your swim and work! trust in the lord and rely on him and he'll help you
pss: i LOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE my district. Im in with the other girls in my appartment the office elders and the ap's. They seriously are all so funny. i love it. we clicked immediately.
psss: i NEEEEDD to learn this language. ok im done

Ace's House
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