Monday, June 10, 2013

I went to the beach.... and killed at steal the flag. what's new?

Dadio! my mission president and his wife are the Barrientos! pretty much love them. They're filipino. They must love me too cuz remember how I spoke in stake leaders meeting just me and sister Gadiano? well after sister Barrientos goes "they're two of our finest" ummm... ive only been out 2 weeks but thank you! ill take it! then after this lady comes up to me and hugs me (she'd been teaching) but i was all awkward because in our mission its bawal (forbidden) to hug anyone! I just realized She's Elder Teh's wife. As in Elder Teh of the 70. a general authority's wife hugged me!! and i was awkward! who preaches to a 70's wife? I do apparently! check that off the bucket list. hahah.

Oh and remember how someone broke into the eddingtons house? yeah so we found out who. it was this kid we actually contacted on the corner a few nights before. crazy eh? he said he was mormon (but he had bleached hair.... suspicious) and was an rm of manilla but when i asked for referrals (rms should know what that is right?) he looked at me all confused (k my tagalog isn't THAT bad that i mispronounced referrals IN english) anyway.... so his name is romel. and we have like 50 jokes about romel now. If something is creepy or we hear a creepy sound. its probably romel. 

DAAADDDD HAPPY FATHERS DAY NEXT WEEK!!!!  I will write you a heart felt letter the day after deal? look forward to it :)

 OH today for zone activity we went to the beach. THE BEEEEAAACCCHHH. aaaannnnddd then we played capture the flag. as in my favorite summer game of ALL TIME. on the beach. my inner swimmer came out and i was pretty competitive. I gave a stirring speech to all my team (cuz i was captain) about how its better to fail gloriously then sit in a stale mate for 10 minutes. I seriously love our zone and i hope they like me cuz im kinda a dork but I dont care.

 I will try to send picture next week! ask barb for my story on how my tagalog got made fun of but then the lady came to church. sorry my thoughts are scattered. but it was a good story. man i love this work. and its kinda sad buuuuutttt My fame has died. like hannah montana or sagwa. what was once popular is forgotten. they probably got sick of me the 4 time i said hello po going down the same street, the same day. 

The bugs have decided to level up and the party is now on my arms. bites EVERYWHERE. love it though. haha. battle wounds and such. mostly my biggest struggle here is just the language. I have SO MUCH to say but i speak like im 3. im over it. ill just keep trying. it will come. the lord is with me. I seriously rely on him sooooo so SO much. I pray every day for the gift of tongues so I can be a better teacher and help these people. 

news of the week: I got tatay Abraham (our not just golden but platinum investigator) to smile. I seriously cannot wait for his baptism on the 29th. he'll be my first. first let me tell you how i did it. sooo filipinos have this strange notion that white is beautiful (everyone wants what they cant have) so we're talking about it at the hilarios and Sis G goes tatay do you want to be white? and he says yes. and i go "hindi! HINNNNDDDI! (no) and i told him his skin was beautiful and he cracked a half grin! my life is complete. 

so some funny moments: this week sister diamonds ipod is playing and its tab choir. and i could swear they're playing the "praise to budah" song on king and I. I started to laugh. its a bit ironic the tab choir singing that. I dunno... 

I just want to tell you all I love you. and I think of you. Be kind to each other. And NEVER be sarcastic IF its at someone elses expense. its the most belittling thing ever. 

Mom i love you. i want you to get better soooo much. so get a blessing. and just trek on. kayo mo yen! (you can do it) the lord is always with you. he is with the walkers. Lean on him. I promise the closer you try to be to him the more you'll see him everyday. im sorry you're sick. its like the hardest trial ever but I love ya'll. know that. until next week :) ill live on. 

love you
Sister Hansen

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