Monday, June 3, 2013

I Love this place

Pamilya ko!
I love ya. ha the noah thing actually made me laugh. because yes he was guided and all but the part about raining forty days and nights... rainy season is coming and apparently it does flood. ppppaaaarrrtaay! My comps name is sister Gadiano. She's filipino funny patient and rocks. Mom get better and try to walk the block it might help! at least id hope it would. and this week was a little hard but I see miracles every where. 
ha last week after I sent you all the letter funny thing.  Istart to feel sick. Soon ive got this burning fever and im bed ridden and its like 85 degrees in our appartment and im wearing a sweatshirt dress and sweats. I guess that was nice cuz I embraced the sweat. funny thing is I actually sorta like the heat now. I go into the air conditioned church and its cold. yay sweat! Im kinda struggling with the language so keep the prayers coming. I CAN'T UNDERSTAND IT. gah its like the most frustrating thing in the world to try to bear your heart out and they don't get OR if they do and respond you just say ano(what?) and they repeat their selves and you just stare at them... and stare... and stare some more. hahah awwwkkward. so you look away. and act like you never said anything. welcome to my life.
 But at least the filipinos still think im gorgeous. I love them. hahhahaa I seriously die. I get cat called at so much and I just have to laugh cuz they're all so funny and like 2 heads shorter :) kwento! so yesterday im walking past this bar (i think and this older dude goes heeellllooo beautiful! (in english) haha i just said hindi!!!! sister SSEEEESSSTTTTEEERR! :) he goes oh. hellooo seeesster. do you see why i love these people? they are so much fun. I say hello po to EVERYONE. its great. I'm no longer the new white american because I walk down the same streets like 40 times a day so they just smile now cuz they know a hello po is comiing. My investigator we committed to baptism is named tatay abraham. He's like 59 and he's not doing well cuz he has an enlarged heart but ace (nephew) and his sister nanay crisamel were recently baptized. When I bear my testimony to him I can tell he really listens even though i can't understand him. I don't know why but I can tell he really listens to my words. He's such a sweet heart. we practically live at their house. ive got to send you a picture. you wouldn't believe the building they live by. ha the other day ace (he's 19 and we committed him to serving a mission :) ) figured out how americans put an s on the end of things to make it plural so he goes hello po's ingat po'sssss and then as we were leaving he was getting pretty excited about it and he goes ingat possssssssess SSSIISSSTTERRSSSEZZZSS hahaha I laughed so hard.
 oh ps: the eddingtons (older couple that lives right RIGHT next door, got their house broken into and 2 computers a tablet and a cam corder stolen. stupid head robber. and it was on Bro. Eddingtons birthday too!(sound familiar dad?) these people gave us toilet paper and toothpaste on Sister Obras birthday and bought trick candles just to see her try to blow them out for 10 minutes and they get it when I say old man status. They're so funny. and they got stolen from. the guy has said he was an rm from manilla the night before when he was chilling inside our gate and they asked who he was. creeper status. no worries we're getting locks.
 the work goes forth! we might challenge 2 or 3 people to baptism this week if all goes well. man do I love Filipinos. I just WISH I could understand them! pray for me still yes? Emily!!! I know how you feel I had 36 bites on my legs before i figured out how great off is! they're so itchy huh? can you all believe its been two months???? I feel like I got dropped off last week. oh man. I miss ya'll. i got a titch distracted thinking of ya'll this last week but im working on just focusing on the work and not thinking of the pool and summer and such. well ciao!
sister hansen
ps: good luck ya'll in your swim and work! trust in the lord and rely on him and he'll help you
pss: i LOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE my district. Im in with the other girls in my appartment the office elders and the ap's. They seriously are all so funny. i love it. we clicked immediately.
psss: i NEEEEDD to learn this language. ok im done

Ace's House
 Some of the food

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