Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 30th... courage

K just so you all know I read this on bellainberlin's blog and am reposting it cause it gave me the chills... 

"" Many many years ago in Hamburg, Germany lived a young man by the name of Helmuth Hubener

Being wise beyond his years for a 16 year old. Helmuth was also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.. Helmuth had a very broad outlook on life and talent for overseeing certain current circumstances one faced during the reign of Hitler in Germany.

Helmuth grew concerned with the power of the rising political party and was disgraced at how they treated foreigners ESP. Jews. Helmuth knew God viewed all his children equally and that such a political group would poison and destroy many lives.

He acquired a small radio ( very illegal during this time to own in Germany ) and every night when his grandmother went to sleep would listen to foreign news reports from the BBC for updates on the war.

His speculations were true! He saw right through the lies that Hitler was telling the citizens in Germany

For example: 

German broadcasts: Germany proves successful with the bombing of British air craft carrier. No survivors for Britain

The truthful BBC report:

Ship still afloat, noone injured.

Becoming more concerned as time went on and as the political group grew stronger. He became determined to expose Hitler for the liar he truly was.

Although only 16 years of age Helmuth began to print VERY bold messages degrading the political party in hopes to help his fellow Germans learn the truth..

Helmuth later let two of his best friends in on his plans as hope for reinforcement .. One young man being Rudi Wobbe.. Only 15 years old at the time.

Together these 3 young men printed red leaflets and painted the city of Hamburg red late at night hanging the bulletins along all the streets

 A crime that at that the time was viewed to be the most SERIOUS of sins for a German to commit.

A popular known saying was " he who fights for his country may die, but he who betrays his country must die"

Noone dared even whisper anything but pleasing thoughts about Hitler.

One day while at his Sunday church services Rudi Wobbe noticed his friend Helmuth..did not show up..

Their nightmare had happened.. Helmuth had been caught by the police and arrested.

Weeks later.. Rudi too was caught and arrested.

The story goes on that all 3 young men faced weeks of interrogation, beatings, and imprisonment in hopes to get them to admit their crimes.

Not allowed to communicate one with another or to recover in-between beatings.. They endured the harsh punishments and were later all brought before the dreaded " blood court" in Berlin.

The Blood Court in Berlin was where only the most serious of criminals were taken..

Here stood 3 young LDS young men to fight for their freedom as well as their lives. 

The first called to the stand was Helmuth Hubener. Witness reports on the trial explained Helmuths performance to be "unforgettable". 

Just a young boy he stood confident, and held his own openly and confidently degrading Hitler before his own judges.

Helmuth denied the help of his two friends, stating they were innocent and had nothing to do with what had happened.

Later that night after the trial, Rudi was able to speak one more time with his friend Helmuth. He asked him WHY he would do that!?

Why would he take all of the blame when all 3 were obviously guilty.

Helmuth answered:

 " I have faith enough to know that whatever happens to me.. God knows what I did was right.. and I need not fear"

A report the next day was delivered to Rudi Wobbe's Prison cell stating

Helmuth Hubener


Total time of execution: 11 seconds

Helmuths last words were found in a note he wrote home just minutes before killed.. Stating that he regretted NOTHING...only that before he is to be killed, that he will be forced to break the word of wisdom

( before execution, the victims are given wine to relax them )

The story of these 3 young men is a famous tale in Germany for War heroes. Hitler feared and was so threatened by the intelligence and testimony in these 3 LDS teens, one faced the most cruel punishment executed during the war.

There are to this day many books, monuments and people thankful to these 3 young men.

Including a film now available at Deseret book.. " Three against Hitler"

Rudi Wobbe lived on by the grace of God and spent the remainder of the War in concentration camps and imprisonment. Rudi later was later freed by British soldiers and returned home to Hamburg.

Just months later, he was called to serve and labor in the KASSEL, Germany Mission..

Serving in Kassel, Rudi Wobbe met and baptized my grandpa Wilford Diederich.
Helmuth Hubener had such a testimony of Gods plan for us he will willing to save his best friends life..

Although Helmuth Hubener never personally got to serve a mission, 

Because of his FAITH and TESTIMONY... His best friend lived on and brought my dad's family to the gospel.

If only Helmuth knew...

Now, in 2013

The granddaughter of Wilford Diederich would be called to serve and labor in

KASSEL GERMANY!!!!!!!!! ""

And now a quote from President Thomas S Monson... because he's so awesUM:
“Let us have the courage to defy the consensus, the courage to stand for principle. Courage, not compromise, brings the smile of God’s approval. Courage becomes a living and an attractive virtue when it is regarded not only as a willingness to die manfully, but also as a determination to live decently. A moral coward is one who is afraid to do what he thinks is right because others will disapprove or laugh. Remember that all men have their fears, but those who face their fears with dignity have courage as well.” 

I love being LDS :) 

Nov 9

ah hindi nyo alam
namimiss ko kayong lahat!! 
guess what? so maraming sinasabi hindi nila naiintindihan ang tagalog... kaya magenglish ako sa email na ito kasi magaling ang mga pinoy sa english. yeah so this week was AWESOME. you know how everyone talks about "adjusting" when you get home? yeah it doesn't exist. you're former life adjusts to the new you not you back to your former life. don't slow down. the Lord didn't invest so much into you just to get some others baptized. He also did it to convert you. so stay that way. I'm working to do that. So today me and my sisters went proselyting! ... like RS style... hahah as in we baked a bunch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and took them to people we didn't know in the neighborhood. scared. me. to. death. I dunno why its so much easier  talking to people you don't even know in a foreign language then you're neighbors you've known all your life but that's ok... we're facing those fears with faith :) we showed up at one house gave them cookies and they gave us pie. pwd rin iyan! :) hahah parang ang mga benefits ng gawain ng missionero eh? haha. but it really felt good to feel that fear from Satan and his minions and just go no. im going to go out and fellowship the ward anyway. Never let fear paralyze you. go forward with faith relying on the Lords power available to you through prayer. AND I TAUGHT MY FIRST LESSON AS A MISSION PREP TEACHER. best. calling. EVER. hahah i love my life. there's so many people to help and so much of the gospel to study. 
remember 2 tim 1: 7-11
ingat kayo! 
magrereplay ako sa susunod na linggo sa mga email nyo :) 

Oct 26

 mmm k so sa linggo na ito ito ang nangyari. meron akong kaibigan sa college noon. rm siya. pero ngayon naging inactive siya. pero hindi kong nalaman iyan noong umuwi ako. pero parang lagi nasa isip ko siya. naisip ko active pa ba siya or hindi. kaya nafacebook ko siya. sabi ko punta ka sa homecoming ko! tapos walang reply. kaya tinext ko siya. sabi niya. sa totoo hindi na ako aktibo sa simbahan. sabi niya may patotoo pa ako pero nawawala ang lakas ng pananampalataya ko. sabi ko AYOS! may patotoo pa. kailangan lang natin palakasin ang pananampalataya mo para magiging aktibo ka. sabi niya iyan ang ipinakapositibong tugon na narinig ko sa pagiging inactive ako. hahahah. pero tapos sabi ko kailangan mong magsimula sa pagbabasa mo. sabi niya sige gawin ko iyan kung magpaalaala ka sa akin na magbasa. sabi ko siyemps! iyan ang ginagawang ko sa 18 buwan! tapos nagpaalaala ako sa kanya at isang umaga tapos tinext niya ako at sinabi na I read a little. i didn't have time for a lot. but for the first time in a long time i felt a little bit of the spirit :) yayyayayayya SO-brang masaya ako. 

isang pang karanasan. nakapunta ako sa isang sayaw. so dati napakasaya sa akin ng mga sayaw ng school. pero itong beses masaya pa rin siya pero parang hollow ang kasiyahan ko. hindi siya lubos. fleeting. temporary. tapos noong nakabalik sa appartment ng adding ko (sleepover!) nandiyan ang room mate niya... hindi pa siya member... YEEESSSS. (rare iyan kc sa byu kami!) fresh meat siya! kaya inimbitahan namin siyang magbasa sa amin. tapos kinakausapan namin ang book of mormon. tapos nalubos ang kasiyahan. man... talagang swerteng swerte kayo na full time missionero pa kayo... (most of you). don't be trunky and use every day because nothing tops that joy! AND ISN'T CONFERENCE AWESOME. yeeeaaah. still catching up on watching all of it... eh. peace!
CHIRSTMAS! is coming

PS i started doing family history and its AWESOME :) mostly im just becoming a successful missionary by living what i learned. oh life is good

sorry i didn't respond to your individual emails! next week promise! :)

Oct 12

nagawiden! hahah basta ilocano. 
man... hindi nyo alam kung ganoong kamiss ko ang pinas... if that made sense haha. pero sasabihin lang sa inyo mahirap ang paguwi! haha pero ok lang kc ibinibigay ng Diyos ang mga callings sa akin at marami pang bagay at mithiing kailangan kong makamit. haha ginagamit ko ang google translate kaya paxenxa kung pangit siya. pero kailangan ko magpraktis ng tagalog para hindi siya mawawala. tapos pwd pa akong gawin ang gawain ng missionero KAHIT WALANG TAG :) sobrang madali lang :) parehas ang brt at pati rin ang inbitation na magtuto. MAHAL KO ANG MISSIONARY WORK :) pero "anyway" haha kanina narinig ko na may mga "rainbow people" sa utah. sabi ko sa dad ko ano ang rainbow people? sabi niya "siya ay isang pangkat ng mga hippies that travel from state to state..." bakit rainbow people? Anong nayayari sa mundo! haha loco loco dito. kaya kailangan natin ang ebanghelyo na ito. Hasten the work and value every day cuz it is really SO short!
dapat ninyo ipadala ang mga weekly emails nyo sa akin :) gusto ko silang basahin!
Love the people
Love the Lord
Sister Hansen

new email.... kaya ipadala nyo dito hindi sa mylds... haha medyo halata iyan pero sinasabi ko lang haha

Oct 5

well... this will be my lamest email yet
im going home
and i cried a lot. 
i love filipinos. SO MUCH
But i get to see my family so that's a perk :D
oh man do they need missionaries here
im going to be a missionary forever. 
the only optional direction to go is forward with faith not back
that's it
some of you can google translate this 
Ammok ti simbaan ni Jesucrist ket agpaypayso. ken adda tayo ti sibibiag a propeta ni Thomas S Monson. Ammok nga no agbalinto tayo natungpalen nalpas adda parabur nga umayto kadatayo. ayayatentayo ti ama nga nailangitan
ok im nose bleeding my self 
talaga totoo lahat sa ebanghelyo. sobrang malalim lahat ng doktrina galing sa tagapagligtas pero sobrang simple lang din. ummm ano pa. Nakita ni Joseph Smith lahat na sinabi niyang nakita. BUHAY si Jesucristo at siya ay ang annak ng Diyos and diyos din siya.  yung lang. mahal na mahal ko kayo pero mas mahigit ang pagmamahal ng Diyos para sa inyo :) hindi kaya nyo maunawaan. peace! hahah talna! at kapayapaan!

Sister Hansen

Sept 28

ARE YOU EXCITED FOR CONFERENCE. YOU SHOULD BE YOU LUCKY DOGS THAT GET TO SEE IT THIS WEEK. say a prayer of thanks. right now. you get to listen to the spokeman for Jesus Christ Himself. so for this week....

 for exchanges with sister elder. we met an athiest. this is the VERY FIRST true athiest ive met on my mission... 2 weeks before i leave. blew. my. mind. she just said God and Christ don't exist. Sister Elder asked then who created you and gave you life?? she said me (LIES FROM SATAN START WITH SELF GLORY "here am I, send ME, and surely I will do it therefore give ME thy honor" status) um that's false you can't give your self life any more than I can give myself the ability to fly. So that was bizarre. she just seemed so dark and depressed and with out hope in the world. She was even wearing black. It fit. She couldnt believe we were happy here in this country that she hates because its so poor. I assured her I'd never been happier. She still wouldn't believe me. She basically thought that money brings happiness and everything in this world is set. Your happiness depends on where you're born, etc. She's got no famiy she'll admit to and she's about the saddest with out any degree of hope creature ive ever met. I prayed for her. LIFE WOULD BE SO LAME WITH OUT THE GOSPEL. it literally would be like pointless to live. why live if we don't know why? or where we're going? oh people NEED THE GOSPEL. so much. but sister elder after she walked away was like that hurt! SHE JUST CALLED MY SAVIOR A NO ONE(all this said in her figiian accent) and i was like amen to that. (this after she bore a very very powerful testimony of Christ) I love sister elder. She's magaling.

but Anyway our week was AWESOME. no one would let us in and we got punted but that just helped us OYM all the more :) I LOVE TO OYM. It makes me feel empowered. Ill do that my whole life

also we were in a district meeting and i was as typical asking a lot of questions about business and announcements and how things should work then one elder (whom i really respect...  he's a good man) said jokingly why do you care you're going home? and some others pitched in similar comments and i just laughed it off and kept asking questions. but later in personal study i read this quote from elder scott i think that says a true friend is someone who makes it easier to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. And while everyone is asking me how im going to party this last week or saying why do you still care my family is the ones saying work till the end and don't think about us till you're home. thanks for being real friends family and always encouraging me to do my best :) you don't know how lucky i feel to be part of your family :) HANSENS WOOOOO

love sister hansen :)

Sept 21

yo yo yo 
party hardy gwenlardy

 hmm hmm hmm... i dunno what my life is... haha so we were teaching that family that ive mentioned before... and we prayed a bunch then taught them sabbath day which we knew was going to be a problem because they always sell peanut butter at palengke (market) and sunday is palengke day as in everyone comes to buy... well at first the tatay was like yeah i guess God is more important than selling peanutbutter... then he realized we were asking to give up working on sunday at the palengke on palengke day completely and you could just see it in his face as he searched for excuses and such to battle our doctrine.. well then we left and said its not so important if we should work on sunday or not whats important to know is if this is the true church of God and if the BOM is true because then you'll believe what we're telling you. So we left 3 nephi 13 and told them to pray to know. we come back 3 days later... 


 we didn't even get to say the opening prayer before he launched into matt 12 which really didn't have to do with it at all and talked about how the laws of God must conform to culture basically and to peoples jobs. He even said we can't tell a man working to earn money for his family that faith will fill your belly. faith will give you pamasahe. (money for fare)  i was so filled with indignant frustration at his false doctrine i cut in and said IT CAN. what of the 5000 fed with fishes and bread and of the widow with only a handful of meal and a tiny bit of oil (1 kings 17) and then i said brother have you ever prayed to know? he looked uncomfortable for a minute then said well sunday should really be like this... yada yada yada. i asked him again later if he'd prayed to know and again he shot off topic. we got literally 5 minutes in edge wise in a 45 minute bash. but we didn't argue cuz that wouldn't help anything. oh but man oh man... if i hadn't been trying to be Christlike I would have been ALL OVER IT. hahaha ;)  we just told them we'd come back next time. ONE DAY sister brewer and i feel they will be SUPER masipag members. as soon as they get over the pride and put their trust in God. Oh theyre so solid they just lack the faith. they just HAVE TO PRAY TO KNOW. im going to say that was in the top 3 most frustrating heart breaking lessons ive had... BUT THE WORK GOES FORTH. and I LOVE IT :) 
that's all for this week. ill let you know my other and many adventures more next week. oh and we had a bagyo (like a typhoon) and the elder in st domingo got flooded up to their chest. but we were dry and warm in the mansion. course we had our 72 hr kits just in case. the prepared shall not fear. go read President Monsons snipet in the begining of the most recent liahona. He is a Prophet of God. 
I love you all :) 
I love to preach and share the truth

Sister Hansen

I'm baaaaaacccckkk... like 8 weeks ago

k not my fault I spent 18 months with nothing more then a brick we used for a phone (which i loved regardless) and I could NOT figure out my blog for the life of me...
 i have a sister who knows the ways of the world... or at least technology. And I'm back in business. I'll catch you up on all my last letters :)