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Sept 21

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 hmm hmm hmm... i dunno what my life is... haha so we were teaching that family that ive mentioned before... and we prayed a bunch then taught them sabbath day which we knew was going to be a problem because they always sell peanut butter at palengke (market) and sunday is palengke day as in everyone comes to buy... well at first the tatay was like yeah i guess God is more important than selling peanutbutter... then he realized we were asking to give up working on sunday at the palengke on palengke day completely and you could just see it in his face as he searched for excuses and such to battle our doctrine.. well then we left and said its not so important if we should work on sunday or not whats important to know is if this is the true church of God and if the BOM is true because then you'll believe what we're telling you. So we left 3 nephi 13 and told them to pray to know. we come back 3 days later... 


 we didn't even get to say the opening prayer before he launched into matt 12 which really didn't have to do with it at all and talked about how the laws of God must conform to culture basically and to peoples jobs. He even said we can't tell a man working to earn money for his family that faith will fill your belly. faith will give you pamasahe. (money for fare)  i was so filled with indignant frustration at his false doctrine i cut in and said IT CAN. what of the 5000 fed with fishes and bread and of the widow with only a handful of meal and a tiny bit of oil (1 kings 17) and then i said brother have you ever prayed to know? he looked uncomfortable for a minute then said well sunday should really be like this... yada yada yada. i asked him again later if he'd prayed to know and again he shot off topic. we got literally 5 minutes in edge wise in a 45 minute bash. but we didn't argue cuz that wouldn't help anything. oh but man oh man... if i hadn't been trying to be Christlike I would have been ALL OVER IT. hahaha ;)  we just told them we'd come back next time. ONE DAY sister brewer and i feel they will be SUPER masipag members. as soon as they get over the pride and put their trust in God. Oh theyre so solid they just lack the faith. they just HAVE TO PRAY TO KNOW. im going to say that was in the top 3 most frustrating heart breaking lessons ive had... BUT THE WORK GOES FORTH. and I LOVE IT :) 
that's all for this week. ill let you know my other and many adventures more next week. oh and we had a bagyo (like a typhoon) and the elder in st domingo got flooded up to their chest. but we were dry and warm in the mansion. course we had our 72 hr kits just in case. the prepared shall not fear. go read President Monsons snipet in the begining of the most recent liahona. He is a Prophet of God. 
I love you all :) 
I love to preach and share the truth

Sister Hansen

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