Sunday, November 30, 2014

Nov 9

ah hindi nyo alam
namimiss ko kayong lahat!! 
guess what? so maraming sinasabi hindi nila naiintindihan ang tagalog... kaya magenglish ako sa email na ito kasi magaling ang mga pinoy sa english. yeah so this week was AWESOME. you know how everyone talks about "adjusting" when you get home? yeah it doesn't exist. you're former life adjusts to the new you not you back to your former life. don't slow down. the Lord didn't invest so much into you just to get some others baptized. He also did it to convert you. so stay that way. I'm working to do that. So today me and my sisters went proselyting! ... like RS style... hahah as in we baked a bunch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and took them to people we didn't know in the neighborhood. scared. me. to. death. I dunno why its so much easier  talking to people you don't even know in a foreign language then you're neighbors you've known all your life but that's ok... we're facing those fears with faith :) we showed up at one house gave them cookies and they gave us pie. pwd rin iyan! :) hahah parang ang mga benefits ng gawain ng missionero eh? haha. but it really felt good to feel that fear from Satan and his minions and just go no. im going to go out and fellowship the ward anyway. Never let fear paralyze you. go forward with faith relying on the Lords power available to you through prayer. AND I TAUGHT MY FIRST LESSON AS A MISSION PREP TEACHER. best. calling. EVER. hahah i love my life. there's so many people to help and so much of the gospel to study. 
remember 2 tim 1: 7-11
ingat kayo! 
magrereplay ako sa susunod na linggo sa mga email nyo :) 

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