Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sept 28

ARE YOU EXCITED FOR CONFERENCE. YOU SHOULD BE YOU LUCKY DOGS THAT GET TO SEE IT THIS WEEK. say a prayer of thanks. right now. you get to listen to the spokeman for Jesus Christ Himself. so for this week....

 for exchanges with sister elder. we met an athiest. this is the VERY FIRST true athiest ive met on my mission... 2 weeks before i leave. blew. my. mind. she just said God and Christ don't exist. Sister Elder asked then who created you and gave you life?? she said me (LIES FROM SATAN START WITH SELF GLORY "here am I, send ME, and surely I will do it therefore give ME thy honor" status) um that's false you can't give your self life any more than I can give myself the ability to fly. So that was bizarre. she just seemed so dark and depressed and with out hope in the world. She was even wearing black. It fit. She couldnt believe we were happy here in this country that she hates because its so poor. I assured her I'd never been happier. She still wouldn't believe me. She basically thought that money brings happiness and everything in this world is set. Your happiness depends on where you're born, etc. She's got no famiy she'll admit to and she's about the saddest with out any degree of hope creature ive ever met. I prayed for her. LIFE WOULD BE SO LAME WITH OUT THE GOSPEL. it literally would be like pointless to live. why live if we don't know why? or where we're going? oh people NEED THE GOSPEL. so much. but sister elder after she walked away was like that hurt! SHE JUST CALLED MY SAVIOR A NO ONE(all this said in her figiian accent) and i was like amen to that. (this after she bore a very very powerful testimony of Christ) I love sister elder. She's magaling.

but Anyway our week was AWESOME. no one would let us in and we got punted but that just helped us OYM all the more :) I LOVE TO OYM. It makes me feel empowered. Ill do that my whole life

also we were in a district meeting and i was as typical asking a lot of questions about business and announcements and how things should work then one elder (whom i really respect...  he's a good man) said jokingly why do you care you're going home? and some others pitched in similar comments and i just laughed it off and kept asking questions. but later in personal study i read this quote from elder scott i think that says a true friend is someone who makes it easier to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. And while everyone is asking me how im going to party this last week or saying why do you still care my family is the ones saying work till the end and don't think about us till you're home. thanks for being real friends family and always encouraging me to do my best :) you don't know how lucky i feel to be part of your family :) HANSENS WOOOOO

love sister hansen :)

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