Monday, June 17, 2013

wowza! way to go hannah! you rock. really you do. I tell everyone about my stellar good at everything family. Ah what good genes we have. Salamat Po Dad and Mum. 

hahahaha funny that you all had to talk in church... i did too! The bishop comes up to me at the beginning of classes after relief society and goes Sister want to talk in sacrament... naturally i thought he was joking. haha funny bishop... he just stares. Ummm... what subject? tithing :) ooooh... well... i suppose.... how long? -oh uhh 10 minutes! (now it was my turn to stare) oh um 5 minutes! ok... i will try bishop. I think i talked for 7. blessings to me. haha don't know if they even understood it... im over it. But was someone praying for me yesterday??? because at church i was understanding people!! like they said a joke. i got it. miracles happen people. That seriously made my day. its about the worst feeling in the world for someone to spout off giberish then everyone laughs and you just smile weakly. yeeeaaah so nice to laugh. oh!

 Dad happy Fathers DAY!!!! late. i know. But what a great day it was. k eye opener this week. Friday it rains. ha you think you know rain? you probably don't. it POURS here. like singing in the rain status on steroids. in 20 minutes its up to your ankles. and do you feel legit? yes, yes you do. Like a boss... or a pioneer. or someone that forges through things for the greater good. I smiled like a weirdo while i got soaked.

 Then later we were teaching Tatay Abraham. (this is the moment)  ill just quote my journal: "So yesterday we were sitting in a lesson with Tatay Abs and we were soaked and our toes were prunny (i taught sis Sadiano that word and i was so proud... i thought you'd like to know) and our shoes were dripping water from the inside out. and were sitting on the ground and he was on a small stool and there were 3 lizards on the ceiling and we used a flash light cuz the lights were dim and we testified. and i thought: this is the real deal. ha no airbrushed only the good parts "the district" episode here. Theres probably roaches in the crack underneath me im sitting on and the twins are noisy and i cant speak and i love it ALL. ha i've serioiusly never been happier/more content. Maybe Im becoiming more like a Filipino but you're just happy because you trust in the Lord, you know he answers prayers, and you will be ok. Yay missionary work!  

Yup that's my entry

Life is good. Our thief/contact who robbed our neighbors was caught. Heavenly Father answers prayers. and when we tried to explain to sister mimi who the gentiles are in the scriptures she goes oohh... so kinda like muggles. hahahahahaha oh man. i love this work. 

We're praying tatay Abraham has a good interview this week and will be our first baptism next week! we'll see. Well i love you all. Hey. Dear Elder me! we still get them after like 3 weeks but its free! so keep them coming. till later. Share the gospel because it rocks. 
Ps: im going to come home with such a weird sense of humor. All my jokes are now gospely... yeah we'll see how that goes. 

-Sister Hansen

P.s. I have a new motto. you might want to tell everyone. It's FAIL GLORIOUSLY!!! good motto eh? its better to fail trying to do the right thing then sitting there like a pansy and wishing you had said or done something but you didn't. failing is great. its how we learn. 

Sister Hansen at the Beach of P-day

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