Monday, July 1, 2013

this one is the letter from two weeks ago

(sorry this one is late... I wasn't able to update her blog because I was at girls camp so today you get two!
-Hannah Hansen aka Rachel's sister)
Dad i guess im supposed to ask about some crazy hike you dragged everyone on... sounds like you ;) do tell all. k that day was vacay (vacation but i wanted it to rhyme) for like 4 hours. i was in heaven playing capture the flag.

 soooo news for this week... it was zone conference and elder teh of the 70 and his wife were there again. and we were all asked to prepared 3x3 minute talks on various subjects. im just thinking. k. i JUST talked in sacrament and in their stake auxillary leaders meeting. im good right? well they get up to anounce the speakers. very first one... of course its me. again. love it. ha and the subject is the one that i struggled the most to write... well so im not sure how that went but i did it. 

so i hugged elder teh's wife again. we're basically tight now. she said she went on a mission to pay back God for her awesome life and ended more in debt then ever. that's how i feel. missions ROCK. still cant speak or understand much. its a bit pathetic. but let me quote ursula "you've got your looks, your pretty face. and DONT underestimate the power of body language" hahahaha i kill myself when quotes pop in my head that fit. its struggle town usa (as sister storey would say) and its great. 

We were teaching tatay ooohhh... who by the way IS BEING BAPTIZED THIS WEEEEEEKKK!!!! FIRST ONE. im a little pumped. but he said a prayer at last nights lesson in which he said he couldn't have come to know this church was true. yyayayayay spirit. seriously it made my life. he is a new person. i kid you not. he didn't smile once for the first 3 weeks we taught him. he smiles all the time now... he exudes the light of christ. he knows he's been forgiven for past sins and it is honestly the most amazing wonderfully awesome thing ive EVER seen. to see how the gospel can totally change a person and fill them with just this hope and light... it makes me so happy. ive never been happier. each day is a struggle. but tatay... tatay abraham is making it all worth it 10 times over this week. i love him.

 latest adventures. i woke up the other day with over 30 bites on my ankles. im at war with mosquitos... they may have the upper hand but i have stratgem. here comes the net. i seriously am resorting to buying a mosquito net. haha i said this week to sister gadiano " im going to have THE most HIIIIDEOUS legs when i go home and i wont care because i sacrifice them in the service of the Lord" it happens. im over it. OH. most import thing. rice face is REEEEAAALLLL curse round faces. ive got the beginings of one and someone tell ike this week to tell me pronto what to do. i refuse to have a rice face. kanin mukha (rice face in tagalog) its totally unacceptable. it doesn't compliment any of my outfits. we cant have that. well missions rock and everyone should go on one. they're seriously the best struggle but so awesome experience you can have ever. i wish sometimes the days would speed up and the weeks slow down. live it up and have no regrets. talk to everyone. that's what im trying to work on. hope you enjoy my rants cuz time is so short. well i love ya'll. till next week

sister hansen :)

ps i got a little homesick thinking about round up week and summer games but i got over it so no worries. ive got to put my whole mind and heart into the mish. IIIII LLLOOOOVVVVEEE YOU ALL :)

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