Monday, July 15, 2013

3 months...

Famila and Friends... 
We gather together now to celebrate... HAPPY 3+ MONTHS. and in one week on papi's birthday my happy 2 months in the Pines. Sometimes I wish time would hold up. Eh. Life goes on. And so does the work. 

well this week was... interesting. Line of the week: are they drunk? sounds sketchy right but let me explain. On Friday we're walking down the streeet past some teens and I get an overly enthusiastic HI! so i say hi. then they say you're so beautiful! me: slamat po! (they're way too outgoing and friendly is what im thinking) then they yell can we talk with you?! I about just keep walking and sis Gadiano goes: want to talk with them? my first question: well are they drunk? nope. (they are actually 2 super cute outgoing friendly girls who know different missionaries and wanted to discuss my eye color but they let us teach them and they're basically golden) tapos... Saturday comes around and another investigator (we'll call him Ronny) comes uop to us just as we're headed to give a different stroke victim investigator a blessing. His eye's are serioiusly wider then a deers. "sisters I want to be taught!" (now our sweet but unknowing Nanay fellowshipper is all YES! lets teach him|! ( umm ... nanay, Ronny likes to send us good morning :) texts and not let go of my hand when we give hand shakes and be creepily friendly and interested)) so we're all.. um we have an appointment and he's all i want a lesson. I said great! then come to church. he never showed up but afterwards sister G goes do you think he was drunk? I just started to laugh because whenever anyone is abnormally eager to hear our message we assume they're drunk. 

haha its life so now for the spiritual matters: this week we got punted and basted (dumped) and punted and punted. we got a hard core text from one investigator telling us she has her own God and religion. (um same God silly. aaaand you're wrong so be baptized) and is kinda is lame being basted cuz they're throwing their salvation that you're working so hard for out the window. So we got dumped by 3 people then I got bit 32 times on my legs in one day(the red cross could get liters of donations from my mosquito friends i give to so generously) and i got made fun of for being white (uncommon occurance but it happens) So by friday i was kinda done with it all. and just enduring. 

But then we committed Arnel and Jane annnnddd.... FAMILY to baptism!!!! a family a family a familiy!! and not jsut any family they live in a house aqbout the size of 2 of our closets down stairs. six people in a 4 by 12 ft space. so SSUUUUPER poor. and we taught about tithing and im all this lesson will be taough. Um want to know what they said? money come money goes. Basically we'll pay tithing and save money for a marriage license too. and Tatay Abs (abraham) is still coming to like 12 hours of church. both wards and mcm. I feel like a proud parent. sorry for all the spelling mistakes I was trying to type fast (I tried to fix most of them before it went on the blog- rachel's sister) . BUT THIS WORK IS amazing. truly. be thankful for the trails because the rainbows always follow the storm if you keep your vision high and youre attitude up. love you all. mom get better please :) and read the scriptures yall everyday. theres power there. Tell kirst sarah and emily I love them and im proud of them :) 
love you all :) 

oh... and this is what I do with uneffective mosquito nets. 

love sister hansen 

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