Monday, July 1, 2013

Here is the one from this week

hahaha im thinking you maybe felt to pray for me on transfers day. it went glorious. 

buuuuutttt.... STORY TIME. let me just quote my journal. "ha so today i finally had a creeper mcCreeper experience.

 ready? So we're outside April's house (she's a nine year old part member with a baptisimal date and attitude. i pretty much love her) and we see her so we're all can we teach you? and while we're bartering with her theres this dude like 3 feet away staring.... ok. so i say hi. he then goes siiiissster... Hansen (creepin on the name tag) I had a dream. (me: um.. great!) ... about YOU!! ( mom this remind you of your creeper at college?) you need to touch me so i can be free (ok you're now on the weirdo list get lost) Sister will you touch me? me: sorry its bawal (forbidden) (obviously he is more off his rocker then moms college creeper who said he dreamed about her then proposed) him: why is it bawal?? (did i tell you he was speaking english) me: because we're missionaries! (at this point im all april do you know him? she says no then shouts something probably not super respectful at him... love her) sister will you show me how to pray? teach me your lessons! me: later right now we're going to teach april. him: i will follow you sister!!! i have the same face as Jesus (ok dude you've gone to far) at this point we start walking away and true to his word he starts following us. so we like sorta run and april is all get in my house! so we do and he starts yelling creeper stuff from outside the door. weirdo. luckily he disappeared after. what can i say? filipinos love me. i actually was pretty pumped after cuz i finally had a weird missionary story. so there it is. The gospel is for everyone. except the creepers (see fine print) 

and WE BAPTIZED TATAY ABRAHAM THIS WEEK!!!!! he is so awesome. when he got sustained a member of the church yesterday he cried a ,little. he is such a changed man. you don't know the half of it. he told us how he was in manilla and just felt like he should come to Laoag. then his family was being taught. then he came to church and had the sacrament and knew this church was true. and now he smiles all the time and is pretty much a rock. he comes to church at nine and goes to both wards! golden? i think so. we got to see the work of salvation yesterday. soooo so SOOOO GOOOD. MISSIONARIES NEED YOU! I NEEEEEEED YOU. k that sounds creepy (that seems to be the prevailing word in this letter) but its true. everyone needs to find a reason to have the missionaries over. find the less active. find the investigators. because it is SO crucial they have a friend when we leave or good luck keeping them in the church. anyway i got to go. transfers this week. i didn't get transferred BUT im training an american in 4 weeks... pray for me. I LOVE YOU ALL :) Life is good and the church is true and filipinos are my favorite. 
till next week

sister hansen :) 

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