Monday, July 22, 2013


Wowza!  a family of 10 moving in... sounds like a party! make them feel welcome. thats really what we need in the church. unity and brotherly kindness. and dad im mailing you a birthday letter home soon :) did you get my fathers day one? 

but now... stories for this week... hahah mom and dad don't worry about my creepers. I'm a head taller then all of them. I've toned down the helloing. especially cuz "ronny" sent us a creeper text saying he liked me... weirdo. i could sit on him and he'd be crushed tho. he's only a teenager. so president said stop teaching him and avoid seeing him... president is wise :) im going to carry that with me through my life. or just punch them. probably the first though ;) 
Plus I'm becoming maitim (tan) so I probably won't stick out so much. They think its nuts I want to be tan. I think they're crazy for going for the white. ha so basically I love them. I pray every day to become a filipino. 

and this week I think I made progress. We were chunted (cheerfully punted) but I let things just slide of my back. I don't worry about numbers and time limits so much anymore... like a beach head just go with the flow duuude, also my filipino squat has improved drastically, I can now make adobo.

 My face... *sigh* is becoming more rice cheeky every day. I can smoosh ants WITH MY BARE HANDS. ha yeah I was pretty proud too. I killed a 2 inch spider that moved faster then what should be humanly possible with just a flip flop. pinoi pinoi pinoi!!!!! 

also I want a motorcycle. thought you should know. I rode on the back of a tricicle... man its the life. life should be viewed on the back of a bike. not kidding your. I will marry the man who drives me on a bike to some scenic over look and says "an arrangement of marriage would please me" (the testaments) gahahahah k not really. marriage is for old wrinkley people ;) not missionaries. 

We had a zone activity today and it sufficieth me to say everyone knows I can throw a football now. Felt soooooooo so so good. some elder said I had a cannon for an arm... why thank you :) I love this work. There's nothing more satisfying then helping other people. serving other people and loving other people. We have another baptism this week! yayayayayayayaayaa the gospel changes lives. true story. test it out. nothing is cooler then seeing people change. our first baptism tatay Abraham comes to church every week at 8 and stays till 6. he goes to like 10 hours of church and in 3 weeks he's already practically done with second nephi. do I feel like a proud mother? yes. yes I do. :) 
I love you all and couldn't do this with out  you
the work goes forth. till next week :)
sister hansen 

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