Monday, July 8, 2013

i love wash. MIRACLES HAPPEN

so basically my week was stellar. what's new. I love this work. like nothing else. nothing makes me happier. Im just waiting for the announcement where they say in general conference: so like the scriptures we've decided to Let you go on a mission for 14 years... alma the younger status. SIGN ME UP! jokelang but kinda serious.

 There is SO much work to do and nothing is more satisfying then seeing this ward and all the people we know change. its awesome.It's really like Ike said in an email one week. You understand everything one second and the next its day gone again. 

Soooo what to tell you about this week... there was one man we contacted on the street. He is a tan taller version of the old man on UP i kid you not. THEN he proceeds to tell us how his son goes to University of the Philippines... UP college. oooohhh this is too great. sometimes I have to learn to contain my excitment.

 I feel like Im finally starting to feel like I'm not in a dream. probably because im starting to understand people. im in a time warp still though. 3 months?? sayyyy whhhhaaaa??? nonoooonononononon No. ive got work to do. time can't go by. 

oh and heres the miracle of the week... probably not what you were expecting but I now love doing wash by hand. yes yes. i know pathetic thing to be happy about but it was my goal for the week and you know what?? God help you achieve righteous goals so I changed my attitude and now its this glorious mindless work of squatting and scrubbing. may i never be cured of this condition.

 I've also realized this week how selfish i am. forgive me friends and family. I'm working on it. I will never be the same. I want to be a Filipino. they're... so cool. you've got to experience this culture some time. sorry this week was more boring then most letter wise. I'll go for some cool stories this week. SO prepare for my next letter. its coming. and as always pray for me :)

 I LOOOOOVVVVEEE THIS WORK AND THESE PEOPLE AND EVEN THE MOSQUITOS. joke. not the mosquitos. but really it rocks. and I love you all. i hope you had a happy 4th. you sound like youre killing it in meets and everything else. mom I miss your letters. have someone teach you how to email:) missionaries need members. true story.

sister hansen signing out

love you :) again and the pic is of tatay (that actually means father its a term of respect you call old people here his real name is) Abraham's baptism

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