Monday, July 29, 2013

laugh or cry

hannah and little girls. you are all amazing babes and swimmers. mom I love you! thanks you for the advice i will buy the best i can. ill withdraw next week. and hahahahahahahahaha this weeks letter is called laugh or cry. There is no option c, and also adventures with rice cheeks.

Soooo yeah I got a suprise phone call saturday night... why hello president. Will I follow up train an american? yyyeeeeees? I suppose. Ha I've been here 10 weeks and its still struggle town with the language I feel very inadequate. and then my new comp I think has been sick a lot... so ADVENTURE! ha I'll get her tomorrow. So whoever is reading this I encourage you to drop to your knees right now and pray. PRAY like theres no tomorrow for me. the Lord really does hear prayers. 

In facccctt... that morning i prayed for him to put me through whatever I needed to to become the missionary he wanted me to be and learn the language. then president calls. ha funny joke. I take it back I TAKE IT BACK! joke. ha I can do this because the Lord is with me. 

but I'll tell you right now missions are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard. guarantee it'll top the hardest thing you've ever done before but they are also so rewarding. its like stretching your legs... i have famously painful and not flexible legs. you push it till it hurts then hold... till it starts to feel comfortable then you push it till it hurts again... aw yeah. love the pain. love it. ha really though this work rocks more then anything. 

We had baptism number 2 on friday.. his birthday. How awesome is that? Then like 50 less actives came to church on sunday. I sat in church grinning like a weirdo and trying to keep a bunch of adorable kids (from the family that we're teaching) occupied while my comp gave her "farewell" to the ward talk. Note to self. do not give 5 and 8 year olds pens. haha. 

oh and my face is rounding out. I was told that twice this week. let me just tell you the word fat isn't an insult here. its like telling someone they have long hair or their eyes are blue. only problem is I don't want rice cheeks.... ehhhhhh. no worries im throwing the nutella out the window.

 oh and this is a picture of Lamoni. In case you havent read the picture book bom lately.. reread it. Lamoni is basically the best looking cartoon I've ever seen. If I die a martyr before I train i'm going to go to heaven and hook up with one of his decendents. joke ;) 

hmmm what else. Oh sister else the other american in our appartment I didn't think I would like at ALL at first but now I adore her more then just about anything. A few of her quote I wrote down this week "when I see couples i just think yall are cute... I wish that would happen to me in the milenium." hahaha and I said"some guy just told me im getting fatter... I'm pretty sure its definate I'm getting rice cheeks. then she said: well some filipino just said I was getting tan but im pretty sure im still white.." hahahahahaha what would I do with out all these wonderful people I'm surrounded with.

I'm going to miss Sister Gadiano. she's awesome. and Sister Storey my mtc comp is staying I'm my appartment TONIGHT!!! I love her SO SO SOOOO0OO MUCH! well thats it for now. please pray for me this week... its going to be a ride. but the lord is with me. no need to fear. except a little. keep being awesome family and friends :) I love you all! 
sister hansen :)

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