Tuesday, July 15, 2014


im going to try to send pictures to ya'll this week... problem being they're super big. so hopefully they get to you!! hahaha....

 of course they cant be as big as my face right now...

 so there was these other missionaries that were trying to teach one of our investigators, and bust  into the middle of the lesson. Well i wasn't having that so I went at them with the bible. They came at me with their fists. I won. hahaha no.

But it makes for a great story as dad would say. No we played bull rush on the cement for a zone activity and me being the graceful, quick reflexed missionary i am, decided to go for a running trip... leading home with my shoulder and my face. now the right side of my face looks like i surgically implanted a golf ball there. im not lady gaga. im a missionary. WHY DO I HAVE A GOLF BALL IN MY FACE. on the bright side i was protected not to get a concussion or anything. so thats a blessing.

um what else. we found this investigator this week... she is like the kind of investigator that  starts telling you how she was going to sleep but then she remembered "hey i need to pray" but then another voice said "you're tired just sleep". and she's all there were two voices.

and also she says stuff like "I know God answers prayers but not always how you want but in the way that's best for you. But sometimes when you really really need something He answers right away."  and in your own head you're all 2 nephi 32:8-9!! and elder Scott's talk!! and then these angels pop out from behind her chair and start singing hallelujahs and stuff and you're just like quiet angels! later well party over this found soul. she's currently being taught by these other missionaries that don't believe Jesus is the Son of God. .... I could say a lot of things about that doctrine... and those preaching it. But instead I just told her that guess what?? JESUS IS THE CHRIST. AND THIS CHURCH IS TRUE AND YOU JUST GOT TO READ THIS BOOK. and the angels kept singing and she commited to come to church. woooo.

also i got pricked by a cactus this week. I told sister Barrientos. She's a nurse. She checked up on me that night. I told her it was red and blue and purple and green, itchy and swelling and that I need to probably be confined (ie go to the hospital) She told me to take an antehystamine... any brand willl do. 
and then i was like thinking.... 
hahahah reason number 7 my mission president and wife are the best. They're funny :) 
Love you all! enjoy the pics of hannahs 2 weeks ago. (ps hannah you have the best resort. you should have told us! (as in you're twins!... what? no... no way. mum should have told us hahaha funny joke) 
as always
sister hansen :)

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