Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 28th Battle with princess

well this week we battled with princess again... and lost. here's what went down. princess was our invesigator right who was so golden the angels were singing as we taught her. but she was being taught by other missionaries too diba? yeah well we went to her house and it was over from the begining. shes like sisters these are all my beliefs now. im now one of them. and in my head im just like no no no no no no nooooooooooooooo. don't do it!!! so she tells us how Christ is just a person not a God in their religion and im like WO UNTO THE LIAR. i dunno who is feeding her these lies but i was filled with the spirit and we just started to testify of christ because it's all we could do. Mean while her LA cousin grandpa and grandma are just sitting there listening to this. And i kid you not had she not been past feeling ANYONE could have felt the spirit that entered the room. we were so desperate trying to save her soul I just felt this surge so i prayed and told Him I'm going to open my scriptures (this never ever ever works for me. but this time... it did) and read the first thing i see. Well i open to Mosiah 3 and the first thing i saw was verse 10. which talks about how christ rose on the thrid day and i read that until verse 13. Shes not changing though... so im thinking. no. we've lost. but then the LA (less actives) in the room start being like girl what are you thinking? haven't you read the bible? and virtually every one of them bore their testimony to her that Christ lives in their own way.

And i realized no we didn't lose. We strengthened the faith of 3 LA in Jesus Christ. And as long as We're on the Lord's side we can never truly lose. Cuz this is the truth. 

other good moments: We go and teach another LA and an investigator. so we follow up? did you guys read? "yes" mmmm... whatd you read about (our one investigator we'll call him bob) says confidently "wars!" ahhh... never heard that before. we don't let you get off that easy. who was warring? ".... i don't remember" well what book was it in at least "....*awkward silence*" sister ieremia goes i bet it was 1st nephi? and he goes"yeah THAT was it" hahahahah THERE IS NOT ONE WAR IN FIRST NEPHI. WO UNTO THE LIAR. hahahah i just started to laugh and they might have got the smallest bit upset but it was so funny. 
i also had a guy tell me he was a binata pa (still bachelor) like 3 times when i mentioned Lesson 2 plan of salvation. he's like im siiiinnngggllle and in my head im like (AND YOU'RE GOING TO STAY THAT WAY WAHAHAHAHA) haha i just left him a pamphlet. I love this work. its so much fun. PEOPLE ARE SO MUCH FUN. they make me laugh. may i be smitten to never stop serving ;) 
i love life
i love you all
sister hansen

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