Thursday, September 18, 2014

August 5th- k worlds shortest lamest email

(sorry everyone this is Rachel's sister, I fell behind on her emails because I was moving out to school and life just got crazy... but I will catch up on all of them right now! and good news she will be home in roughly 3 weeks!)

heh heh heh. 
im obedient. 
hence the title. 
ive got 10 minutes to win it 
ready go
well piddig came to our apartment on monday cuz there was a land slide that almost got to their apartment. i was just a little one though... daw. and i was just grumbling in my head like how long are they going to be here, are they going to eat all our food and what not. being selfish and lame. but then president pulls up with sister barrientos and all the sisters in the back. and all my murmuring feelings faded away. and he gets out and cheerfully says "We brought you the refugees!" and i was like "that's good cuz this is camp" hahah. man he and sister sacrificed their whole evening to rescue some scared kawawa sisters. and I love those sisters. so i gave myself a mental slap and welcomed them in. 
I love being a missionary
love sister Hansen

this weeks line came in a law of chastity lesson... haha isn't that just the lesson where all good missionary moments originate (if you've seen the district you'd understand) hahaha but we're teaching a bunch of kids and we're just like so in short the law of chastity is you have to be married before... and hannah (shes 8) goes before kissing!!! uh... hahah yeeeahhh... kinda. haha we were going to say live in but we just left it at that. \
also after a super good lesson where we just expounded doctrine and testified tatay pio turns to sister ieremia after she said something particulary magaling and goes you're so smart!.... pwede na magasawa! (basically means you can now get married) hahahahahaha i just laughed and laughed. 

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