Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sept. 14th

truth be told im getting lazy in journaling and writing letters. but im repenting now. 
ok soooo for this week... 
*flipping through journal to find interesting stories*
well last week after manila we got off the plane and we were catching a jeep so we could go to the mission office, well we accidentally heralded (what a christmas type word to use.. ps: its sept meaning people are putting up their christmas lights here and singing christmas songs at church sometimes) 2 jeeps, well whoops, but the one had been their way longer so we jumped in the old mans jeep, well the other driver got TICKED. and elder tate is just hanging onto the back of the jeep and this other driver drives up behind super close to hitting elder tate and honks and is freaking out. well we stop and he stops and our driver about gets in a fight with their driver. but some other drivers interceeded and elder bledsoe gets out to go try to be a peacemaker and everyone is like NO get IN the jeep. we finally take off again with the other driver redefining tail gaiting on our tails then he zooms around us and we don't see him for 2 minutes until we spot him parked on the side of the road. well sister rico starts screaming duck duck! so i figure he's got a gun and then we drive past and we here a thwack! i look up to make sure no one is dead and no one is... because he swung a broom at us... i was just like I THOUGHT HE HAD A GUN. and everyone else laughed at me. breaking up a rather tense situation. and in the end i still gave our driver a pamphlet. so moral of the story: road rage is of the devil. but even if you are in that situation you can still do missionary work. 
so just to be clear. IT WAS JUST A BROOM. don't go crazy because i thought he had a gun. haha. just so its not like when i had dengue and typhoid and everyone thought i got the bird flu.
other story we were planning for the day and i had this guy we randomly talked to on the road come to mind. so we scheduled him in as back up. well later that day its raining and we're walking past his house so i go lets try it! we do nothing more than walk up to the house and they IMMEDIATELY say come in sisters, then the guy goes and shuts off the tv and the other goes and puts a shirt on and we're just like what is happening. they tell us later they only were all there that day because it was raining and work was canceled. the Spirit KNOWS. so listen to Him. im learning that more and more. Miracles really do happen if you'll just follow up. i think i really just realized that this transfer. 
i love you all
i love this work
i love the Lord
Sister hansen

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