Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sept. 1st

man... what a week
remember how i mentioned that family where the teenagers keep coming to church? yeah heres how prepared they are
ok back ground we just found out recently: the dad is a former priest of some sort. well the last 3 months theyve taken a break because they have been really confused about all the different religions. they mimicked one of them. they said their daughter went to one and *he throws his hands in the air* wooooo woooo woooo. is apparently how their worship goes. yeah well theyve been praying this whole time that the Lord would send His true church to them. well then we showed up and initially they kinda ignored us. then i asked if we could come in their gate. they took that as a sign. so we had taught most of them but we finally caught the dad at the end of a lesson with the mom. then we fired off an inspired question: brother will you say the closing prayer?
... i mentioned he was a former priest yes?
he prayed. 
yes i peaked. 
during the prayer he went OFF about the need for priesthood and how we need Gods authority and about how he KNOWS the book of mormon is true and how the world is going to be filled with this book and eventually we'll get into every nation and stuff. and im sitting there like a southern baptist in my head thinking AMEN! HALLELUJAH! hahah mostly about 90% of the prayer was truth. he gets done and theyre all in tears and they just spewed how they've been waiting for this and all this other stuff. i was like yes yes yes. will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized?? they accepted but they were working on some project that was going to take another 2 weeks before they could come to church. well we went back yesterday. somehow they got the project finished and they're coming next week. they also went off how the bom must be true  because the dad has translated a skinny pamphlet from english to ilocano and it took him 3 years. i was like it took Joseph Smith around 60 days! they were all ITS TRUE. i was like yes... but READ it first! and pray! haahahah. this is a last transfer miracle. that's about how this whole last week has gone. Heavenly Father loves me :) i saw vilma the mom and palenke (market) and she bought us bananas. they are so excited and SO AM I. 
miracles really are Gods daily work and can be your work too if you'll just follow the spirit. 
sister hansen

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