Thursday, September 18, 2014

August 11

ok this weeks email goes like this
k no. but thats what was in my heart yesterday (sunday). you know what i hate? when people make fun of other people. it BUGS me. bad. no. ok heres how it went. we were at church and theres a lady in the ward who has a mental illness of some sort but it's not obvious. She tends to sleep through meetings, and wear shirts too tight and skirts to high to church.  in relief society we had a lesson on eternal marriage. one of the sisters made it a point to say that she was still single and waited for everyone else to laugh. then in the other class she was called out for falling asleep. then in sacrament all the members turned to eachother and laughed when she sang SUPER LOUD. stop. stop stop STOP. it was all i could do not to get up and rebuke the whole congregation. i was so mad. she's also the ONLY member in relief society there on time. she's also the ONLY member who is doing her family history. she's also the ONLY member who sings loud and proud the sacrament hymn. and the only member who talks to us before church starts and says sisters there are SO many Less actives down where i live. they are so kawawa. what the point of their membership if they are just going to be LA. let's go visit them. i said what time? she says saturday. i say DEAL. oh wait... the elders have a baptism on saturday. she says sisters it's ok. ill just go visit them anyway. they need people to help them come back. UMMM YEESSSS. We are commanded to LOVE our neighbor. that is the second commandment only to love your God. how can people say prayers and give talks about love then mock their brothers and sisters. that's not going to fly. Not with the Lord and NOT with me. we're going to talk to some leaders.
that was the fire and brimstone portion. 
we contacted these old lolas this week. they didnt really let us get a word in edgewise but the lesson wasn't for waste. because then their dog came waddling out and made my life. first ill just say what they said they feed their dog: bread. bread and milo instead of water and dog food. this poor poor dog hahahaha. it looks like someone stuff a good 3 or 4 full sized pillows into its torso. IT WAS THE FATTEST DOG I HAVE EVER SEEN. hahahahahaha i laughed and then asked if i could take a picture of it. i don't usually do that but this thing was HUGE. so fat and cute hahaha. 
also we had a WEDDING THIS LAST SATURDAY. it was masaya. it'll be more masaya when she gets baptized though and then they go to the temple one day. *sigh* so cute. i love life. everything is masaya. thats missionary work. if you want to be happy serve a mission. but don't just serve, give your whole self to the mission and the Lord will change you and make you masaya ;) 
go google translate masaya now. 
love you all
from your masayang sister
sister hansen

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