Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sept. 8th

DDDAAAAH EVERYONE IS SPEAKING TAGALOG AND ITS BLOWING MY MIND. I CAN UNDERSTAND THEM. yes. want to know why? im in manila... as in kfc, subway, carpet, hot water, air con, americanized manila. for fingerprinting. all the out going missionaries do it. we flew on a plane that was cool. but want to know whats the coolest?? OUR FAMILY THAT CAME TO CHURCH. they are a blessed miracle. in my whole mission none of my baptisms have been people i actually oymed to then taught then baptized (as in the whole experience) but i found this family :) false. i followed the spirit who pointed them out to me. But it really feels cool to finally know what its like to become an instrument and recognize the spirits voice. but anyway. every time we teach them they just go off about how all our doctrine lines up and this last week not just the 3 teens came but the 2 parents as well. they are those who it was said they are looking for the truth but know not where to find it. they stopped going to church for 3 months at the other and prayed God would send them the right ones. BOOM. we invited ourselves in their porch. we teach. they feel the spirit. they come to church. they give us peanutbutter (did i mention they make peanutbutter for a living) I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER. but not a fraction of what i love them... that made no sense. bear with me. my love for them... there we go. also.. we saw one of the recent converts that dropped off the face of the earth show up in my area (he's the nephew of my first baptism who also disappeared) and im literally probably the only missionary still in the mission who knows who he is. THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES -pres Monson. yeah i asked him how my rc is? oh... he's dead. WHAT. what what what??? when he disappeared and went to manila he died cuz his family was no longer taking care of him and he didn't have the best health... its still kinda like whooooa. i dunno what to think. this is rather a boring letter but ill really try harder next week. just know i am good. i LOVE THE LORD. I LOVE THE FILIPINOS AND THE PINES. and i love you all :) 
sister hansen

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