Thursday, September 18, 2014

August 17

you would NOT believe this week
because it never happened
because i was lazy with my journal... ehhhh
it's ok. ill just go from my faulty memory (haha i sound like an old geezer)

well i suppose we did find alma the younger
ok heres the story
Im on exchanges in piddig (beautiful mountainous area with even more awesome people)  and we go to this family. the mom and dad are suuuuper active and they have 5 kids. the 3 girls are members the 2 boys are not. but man... i love them. we walk in and one of their non member sons is all WHAZ UPPPP!!! HHHEEEY MAN. haha he's like 30.  i giggled half this lesson and almost cried the other half. anyway back to how it went. we get in there and we were just going to share to the parents but then he was there and when we were all brother we're going to teach you! he grabs his face and says he has a tooth ache. i was all oh really? then he shoots both hands in the air and spurts out LIARS GO TO PIDDIG! yeaaah! but he didn't leave. and i was all brother have you ever been taught? nope daw. (ok not ONCE in 16 years has he been taught cuz he always ran out of lessons dati) so i go ok we've got one shot what do we share. RESTORATION SIYEMPS its our unique message to the world. so we start in on christs life and go through the restoration and i kid you not ive never come closer to crying in a lesson. the spirit was like KKKAAAABOOOM. IM HEEEEERRRE!! yeah you are. man he was feeling it too. he's tried virtually every religion so he's super magaling especially in the bible and stuff. but he was like prepared. at the end of the lesson i was like brother will you pray to know?? and he said like this and gets on his knees and throws his hands in the air and starts chanting something. hahaha no. brother will you really pray and he got serious and said yes. and then i said will you get baptized if the spirit says its true? affirmative. oh man. i can't explain how awesome it was. after the lesson his mom comes up to us and tells us the whole never been taught in 16 years thing and she just looks like she's going to die of gratitude. man we answered this mothers prayer of over a decade. you just feel how thankful she was when she shook our hands. i went out floating on cloud nine. WE WERE THE THUNDEROUS ANGELS in the alma the younger story. sent to answer the prayer of a faithful parent. k so we weren't exactly shaking the ground and speaking in a voice that could divide bone and marrow asunder (we'll practice teach that skill next week for sure) but it was definately a moment when you look up and youre just like wow. Heavenly Father loves His children. well thats about it
ill write some other cool stories next week. 
much love from the filipino
sister hansen
(not even lying about the filipino thing. i ate snails this week and was fine. then i ate a box of kraft mac and cheese... not even. it was 1/3 of a box. and that night i was curled up in a ball on the couch just saying mamatay ako mamatay ako hahah. curse mac and cheese. long live pancit and rice)

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