Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 21st

sorry im still sending pictures from... long long ago and far far away on judea's plain. my brain hurts... haha so this might not be the most exciting letter. um lets see so yesterday we're out proselyting. k wait it gets better. then we got punted. so we're sitting there assessing our plan and thinking and i notice this guy down the street. so i stare at him. well he's staring back at me. and its far enough away its awkward but not terribly. so we sit there in an akward staring thing and in my brain the spirit is like talk to him! and the devil was like he's sooo far away. that's so awkward. so i sit there with this inner battle in my head. as the evil thinking started to win. he walked half way over. FINE. haha so i was like sister lets talk to him. so we're all yo bro. how's life.... yada yada yada.... we're missionaries! "im INC" well that's GREAT! we're mormons! (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) he says its bawal for us to talk to other religions... i asked him do you really believe your church is true. "yes" ....more awkward staring except this time its more like an assesment of his soul on my part. well then i said we have a pamphlet... and i went on to share about the restoration and stuff and his eyes were glued and something in his head (the spirit) was like yes yes yes. and then i asked again brother can we come back. he said he's not there too often cuz of work. basta. we'll try brother! the spirit guided us to him so we better at least give it our very best effort. that's pretty much how the work goes. every day there are miracles and happiness and apostasized people that have gone back to catholic.... eh hahaha. mostly i just love pictures of Christ, my planner has His picture, my journal, my study journal, I've got a poster from a friend magazine from the 90's hanging in my room. Im a filipino now now, im a filipino now now. bangity bang. bangity bang (its the im a little airplane now song... you SHOULD know it haha) yeah more adventures and greater creativity next week friends and fam :) LOV EYOU MUCH MORE THAN I LOVE FRIED BANANAS. WHICH IS TO SAY A LOT. as in ( a filipino saying they say to mean super... but it doesn't mean that. but HERE IT DOES. hahahah ) 
love sister hansen

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