Monday, April 7, 2014

April 6th (all caught up ;) )

k well this will be a lamish email cuz there is much I still have to do. sorry sorry in advance. to make up for it I'll commit to sending pictures of me next week ( ha as if that doesn't sound vain enough... cuz you guys of course want to see pictures of me as recompense haha) ummm... well an andaconda got into our apartment this week. we didn't really know what to do so we called the DL. then we started dumping our load of permethrin on it. lucky for us that stuff is strong and it eventually died before the elders even came. and since it was the end of the month and we were kinda low on food and funds we decided to eat it. yeah snake meat. hahahah april fools... delayed. but it makes for a great story. here's one i didn't have to make up. yeah one night I'm coming in to have a peaceful night of journaling sitting on my bed. but i glance up in the corner OH HELLO SPIDER BIGGER THAN MY FACE. IT WAS THE BIGGEST SPIDER I HAVE ever SEEN IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE. AND IT PARKED ITSELF RIGHT ABOVE MY BED. we did a lot of screaming and a lot of spraying (permethrin for real this time) and it did a lot of running then jumped up and down three times and died. well I almost died. I didn't know those existed here. as for the spiritual I spiritually rebuked some people for showing up to mcm late, only coming for food, and making fun of the mentally impaired. yeah I went fire and brimstone. I dunno... I think I'm really getting bold here on the mish. also we walked into a back yard on an impression and found a former investigator family that used to come to church. cool. well after we contacted them we're walking back and we walk past this chick and I say to  sister dela torre. we need to talk to her. so we turn around and talk to her. well hello ANOTHER former investigator who used to go to church. that's missionary work. the Lord puts prepared people in the path of His prepared servants. so go prepare then keep your eyes ears and hearts open and be BOLD. love ya'll
love the work
love the Lord
love sister hansen

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