Monday, April 7, 2014

March 16th (cathing up on the emails..)

so here I am wondering why I still have like 30 minutes to email... oh yeah you all don't know about my life yet. pala. ok so I'm in sanchez. about 5 minutes from the beach. I've seen the beach once from one of our proselyting areas. its huge and beautiful. speaking of... YOU HAVE NOT SEEN BEAUTY TILL YOU HAVE SEEN THE DRIVE FROM DINGRAS TO SANCHEZ. smokes! I took a few pictures but due to the fact its like a frigid 60 degrees and rainy here my camera fogged up and might have broke. yayay verily yay for water proof. what else... uhhh so we only had like 2 investigators at church but we have a couple other families lined up for baptism in early april. one didn't come because their son is in a coma in the hospital. valid. and the other because walang pamasahe (no money for transportation) I told them to walk and hour and half. eh. tough tough. but people are so humble here and you can get into any house pretty much. its really kinda weird because no one stares at me here... its like I'm a pinoy. i haven't quite yet figured out why that is but i will. the people here rock. they think I'm super funny... or weird. not sure of which. (again i forgot my journal so this is just kinda basics... NEXT WEEK) OH and my  comp is sister de la torre. she's like the coolest giggliest most obedient tiny filipina you ever met. you'd love her. cept she prefers to speak tagalog so you wouldn't understand but I'm helping her use english. cuz she knows it better than she thinks. she's sooo cool. we just go around all day saying tagalog restoration quotes: ganon ba? huwag kang maging palalo hijo (its from the evil preacher. google translate it) hahah anyway. the work is good. I'm in a huge apartment again. there is 6 of us. party hardy. ill have stories for you all next week. love you all! go tell someone to go to church with you. dare you. you'll probably get rejected but its the effort that counts. ps: i can almost say a sentence in ilocano na woooo. party on (again) donkey kongs. 
sister hansen out!

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