Monday, April 7, 2014

February 3 (catching up on all the emails..)

ok. sooo i just about had heart failure when i heard about region swim. WOWOWOWWOWOWOWWOWOWOWOW. yeah. im not going to try to convey what went through my head over email. let's just say it made me really really REALLY happy ;) so favorite quotes for this week: me and sister lavetala are talking about how everyone gets married super fast. well she goes "man so like all the talks and stuff say pray and fast to know who to marry... hahahahahahahahahah.... skip two meals??? hahahahah... for a guy?? hahahahaha... no WAY!" k so i sorta laughed really hard. then earlier at robinsons (the mall) we're pondering over the peanutbutter and she goes "so where is the one that has like peanuts?" haha i gave her a funny look and shes like "nooo like whole peanuts!" hahah we laughed pretty good. 
so offending people is tending to be my forte. yes. church is a commandment. no you shouldn't work on sunday just because it's convenient. sorry? its the truth. its all good though because they came to church anyway. but yeah i decided you know what? trying to please everyone it so exhausting! just be righteous and wait for friends or people who are willing to live your standards too. 
man... i love the gospel so much but it makes me sooo tired. all. the. time. but im so happy so it's ok. other new for the week. our baptismal date pedro's wife and daughter decided to forbid him to be baptized. uuuuhhh HE'S BEEN AN INVESTIGATOR FOR 2 YEARS AND NOW YOU DECIDE TO STEP IN. grrrrr.... yeah. more people offended. i told them to give him his agency and they flipped. yeah we're soooo going back there. he can't just slip off the radar when he's so close and he wants it too. 
So i was reading this conference talk by james e faust and he talks about forgiveness. especially the forgivness the amish give so freely. to a guy who suddenly lost reason when his baby died and gunned down 10 small girls at a school. they (the amish)  went to the mans wife and children and assured them of their forgiveness and mourned with them. half the people who came to the mans funeral were amish. anyway it got me thinking.... why do we get offended over the pettiest thing. being offended and festering hate only punishes us and poisons our spirits. when you feel you can't forgive pray. pray like you never have. then let go off all negative thoughts and feelings toward that person. don't be offended. it's stupid. truth is truth whether you choose to be offended about it or not. anway. i hope we can baptize a few this transfer. i love my mission. but i am so so tired. its a good life :) love you all!
love me :)

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