Monday, April 7, 2014

February 23 "talking to the troops and earth quakes"

yeah so in case you were wondering due to the fact that me and sister lavetala are exactly obedient and work out the FULL 30 minutes and don't just stretch and stuff... k run on sentence, but due to that fact we play basketball every single morning. im pround to announce i can almost dribble through my legs while walking and three pointers and free throws are not to too difficult. well doesn't that sound prideful.. k well basically lets just say i don't look SO SO pitiful as i did before. yayaya blessings. they especially pay off when you are trying to invite to church a bunch of 17 year old guys playing basketball. yup. so monday we had an earth quake.. apparently its been like the biggest in 10 or 15 years. im just sitting there like a greenie thinking "why is this shirt im looking at moving?" while everyone is running around screaming and evacuating the building i was like yay short lines. it goes like this. if youre living righteously you shall not fear. man if i died i was like totally ready. we didn't scream or anything cuz we were totally at peace. i know why im here and where im going. do you?  but i didn't die and it was just small like 20 seconds so no worries :) also this was a success week for opening your mouth (oyming) on monday we had to go check in at the police station because we're foreigners. so i oymed and contacted all the police in the building. SCORE.en we went to a random sitio sat down and taught a family and extended family of 17. SEED PLANTING. then we contacted about 10 tricee drivers while waiting for a jeep. BOO YEAH. man nothing touches the joy the gospel brings and the happiness in hitting goals. mmm i love my mission if you didn't already know :) also i gave this 15 minute miny training on charity and oyming on the jeep and on the ride home do you know what we 6 missionaries of dingras did? contacted the whole jeep. whhooooooo. ITS LIKE THE BEST FEELING IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE TO WALK UP TO SOMEONE YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW AND OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND GET TO KNOW THEM THEN SHARE ETERNAL TRUTHS. try it. then try it again if you mess up. its addicting and it gets easier. i love my life and the pinos. i am one in my heart. just want to serve forever. 
-sister hansen signing out :) 

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