Monday, April 7, 2014

january 26th

k fam and friends... you might be wondering why i send a picture of a chicken... well this isn't just any chicken.. this is the MOST monsterous huge rooster you have ever seen in your whole life. i feel like if i caught it and killed it i could feed a small island. its probably like 30 or 40 pounds. thats a lot of wendys chicken sandwiches. the chicken in front is a full sized normal chicken. yeah marvel... so for this week... im STAYING IN ZION :) yay verily yay (court jester quote) anyway. yeah im pumped. my new comp is from samoa... dont remember her name now its like tave lava.. anyway i meet her tomorrow. sister banabatac is headed to laoag. she'll do great. she's obedient. so if you all want to know how to baptize ill tell you... OBEDIENCE. when i sit you shall sit when i kneel you shall kneel etc, etc, etc. literally find everything the prophets (mission president for us) has EVER advised you to do and do it! 
(sorry I couldn't flip the picture)
so sometimes there isnt a road... but theres a wall and bunch of fields. so we improvise and make our own path. do what you got to... sun rain or shine.. or dogs... or chickens... or 7 foot walls... or drunk guys... you know your everyday obstacles. yeah just keep going. hmmm other adventures... there's an american here.. i think she's a missionary for another church... its weird. i stood a far off and gawked at her from across the street. im pinoy now. then we got distracted because we see this car rolling away down the street... no driver. its dark. so that was creepy. but we ran and stopped its slow decent. contacted the owner... its how its done. 
 and foooor the spiritual. so it was late again and we just went back to this neighborhood last minute and taught this member. well after the lesson she's all yeah my relatives live there. so we go to this house and find agnes (non member) and jerald (LA member) ooooo yes.. i love part members. well so we teach them and the spirit is like whowhowhwohwohwohwowh (yeah thats what went through my mind) and then something like yayayayayayayay... BAPTISM. so the 12 weeks program for trainees says challenge them to baptism the first day. so we did. it also says say a kneeling prayer at the end of the first lesson. so we did. totally accepted the date and started crying during the prayer. the next lesson we come back. she's read the whole intro. (nobody does that) and prayed about it (weird) then she asks so how can i know its true? what does it feel like (hahahah um well i thought id never see the day) so i was all remember when you prayed last time? what did you feel. she's like.... like its true. yup. it is. and that's the spirit. BE BAPTIZED ALREADY. long story short. her husband and child came to church. she's going to come next week sana when she changes her work schedule and everything will be peaches and daisies. i love my job. peace out!

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