Monday, April 28, 2014

creepers and c.... i dunno anything that starts with c. sasakyans na lang!

Well i don 't have much this week... well fine ill tell you another miracle story about sasakyans (rides) so it was mondayand our investigator told us he had a lot of questions and we should  come teach. well he lives in magacan and there are no rides at night but we went anyway. got done with the lesson mga 6:40. yeah so there's nothing up and coming. So i tell sister De La Torre right away let's pray. so we do. 
well nothing is still coming so we start walking and trying to flag down anything on wheels that we can and mean while im just desperately praying in my head that a sasakyan will come because it's the last day before the transfer and there's an fhe at 7 and we really want to see everyone before the transfer but I also prayed if no sasakyan came that I would be able to see the lesson to be learned (there are no coincidences-Pres Monson) Well we accidently flag down a scooter. it goes a ways up the road then stops. We walk up to it and it has 3 girls on it. they tell us they will walk with us because its night. so we're like no no it's all good go ahead we'll be fine. they didn't listen. they started to call their friend. we figured he was a tricee driver. so for like 20 minutes we're walking with these 3 nice girls. then their friend pulls up. he's on another scooter. so we end up getting on his scooter. 3 of us. me and sister De La Torre side saddle and we made it back mga 7:15. they were so nice. we gave the guy a book of mormon. but riding scooters with random people isn't pwede so we texted president. he said "its ok they were your angels" and i was like woooooah. they were. they literally did as Jesus commanded and walked with us the extra mile. I was inspired to be a better person
Also we had a lot of creepers call and text us this week... eh. one's name is mack mack. he said sister what if someone hurts you? we said forgive them. he said im the hurt one (well we didn't respond after that) then he asked if i had a love. then he asked why we weren't responding. then he said he hopes he dies because he has no one that loves him like a girl friend. then he said ill be gone tomorrow. (like as in dead i think... drama queen) then he called and hung up. well we saw him like 4 days later still living and being a piliwonka. i shook his hand. probably about broke it too haha. guys are odd. um. the work goes forth! so yeah we had transfers. i can NOT tell you how much i miss sis Dela. She's literally one of my best friends. we'd just call each other bagtit, balla, baliw, loco, and crazy all the time. and every time she saw a barking dog she'd say OH men women children (her version of oh man haha) she's just a goof ball and i love her. my new comp is sister sacay. she comes from a family of 7 kids. she is third and six of them are girls with the only brother being 2nd. whoa. as if that doesn't sound familiar. she's the only member though. but her dad is 57! dad that's your age! haha. she's nice obedient and quiet. but i will find her funny bone :) oh and she loves david enchilada so naturally we'll get along great. that's all for now! thanks for the pictures and updates. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS WORK. MAY I BE SMITTEN TO SERVE FOR 14 YEARS AND NEVER RECOVER :) 

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