Monday, April 7, 2014

february 9th

this picture is because sometimes we tract through something like the jungles of africa... joke. ha we just found an ususally jungley looking path. for the news this week... well like wednesday i woke up feeling off... had my bowl of cocoa cruch.. didn't help my case. tried to exercise to be obedient but im pretty sure a 90 year old woman with a walker wouldve put my exercising efforts to shame. then our exchanges got over and sis lavetala came back. she's walks in and im just like sister im going to die. hahah. long story short i tried to get up and go work. made it to the waiting shed and was like nope this won't work. came back and threw up cocoa crunch 30 minutes later. well then my fever spiked and i was all what the dengue round 2? then i became that 90 year old woman with the walker and laid in bed most the day. at the end of the day the elders in our branch came and gave me a blessing... man i tell you what priesthood power is real. my fever broke instantly and i went to district meeting the next day. i love the gospel. and my job :)

ok for other adventures. since coming to dingras the attendance has gone from like 70 avg to 140+ last week. woooo miracles! Also this week we had our supposed baptism fall through. his wife came out when we told him his interview was the next day and ffffffllllliiiiipppppeed. we're all what??? satans work. anyway. so we didn't give up THAT easy. we came back another day. he assured us itd be ok for us to share with him. then she came in and went OFF again. calling us ang kulit kulit (which is basically like... uh. what is that in english. like a combo of disobedience and like ignoring their wishes... man i can't think of the word ) but i was totally calm. our fellowshipper bore her testimony to this her aunt. the wife of our baptismal date took a cheap shot and said her (our fellowshippers) own family wouldn''t even listen but our fellowshipper manilyn just said the more opposition i face the more i know its true. well we won't be going back there haha :) oh well. we have some other baptisms coming up in like 2 weeks and three weeks. the work goes on. love you!!! :)
love sister Hansen

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