Monday, January 13, 2014

hellloooo once again family and friends from the land of zion! ... er.. dingras. they're one and the same. so for the adventures this week: well lets just start off with a good line, brought to you by pastor bob (so we live in the parkinglot of a school and all the schools are like religious here so we here pastor bob every morning on his microphone... and he speaks english. even bettaaah! hah) "Dear students! this is the year of the horse... even horses cut their hair... all of you must have proper horse haircuts before you take the exam!" ahhaahahhaha yeeeess pastor bob. yes they must. ok. i laughed. i just had to share.
 want to hear some miracles. ok. like you have a choice :) so missionary life goes kinda like this. you're sitting in a lesson and the husband isn't there just the wife so you pray. and during your prayer you ask that he will return quickly (because he just left and its not likely he'll come back soon) and right as you pray that you hear a roar of a motorcycle pulling in and you say amen quick and poof! he walks in. well hello there family lesson.
Other fun moments of the week. we met this guy who's friends with a TON of LA other member guys. so he's always out playing basketball. well we're walking down the street toward the basketball court and he dribbles off and dissappears (smoooooth) ha well we walk past get punted at a house of another LA where they're all drinking and he shouts to us drinking is my new religion! (sure it is :) *patronizing voice*) we'll be back tatay when you're not lasing! (drunk) so we head back and we hear the pounding of a ball in the distance. heh heh heh. so we creep around the corner and im pretty sure angels in heaven were playing the jaws theme music and i whispered we got him! yeah totally cornered him and told him we're going to visit him and baptize him (minus the baptize part we'll save that for the first lesson) but it was great :)
 hahah man i love this work. so so so so so so sosososoosososososos much! like you want to baptize someone? pray for the oppurtunity and then be obeidient and watch the Lord throw people into your path. its awesome. for the awesome news. we have another baptism in less than 2 weeks before the transfer! yayay! hahah this is another member of the domingo family we just baptized. he makes me laugh. we were sitting in sacrament and our branch mission leader was giving a stellar talk about helping out the missionaries but during the talk our BML is like we pray for the missionaries. that they'll find people, that they'll be masipag (diligent) and then alfred domingo goes that they'll be maganda (pretty) and jorge continues but do we do our part? hahaha well i laughed. i realize i concentrate a lot on the funny parts of my mission but that's cuz i just love to laugh :) and i love the gospel. and i especially love it when they go hand in hand. so go out and be a missionary but keep your sense of humor. as long as it righteous. pray to find the people prepared. i promise they're out there. love you all! 
love sister Hansen

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