Monday, June 2, 2014


sooooo I'm an apparent failure with time management... so I'm going to write a lllooooooonnnnnnnnnnggggggggg letter next week. just know this
1. I'm being transferred.... to laoag again... ha uhhh mixed feelings. but I'm going to KILL IT ROUND TWO!
2. president originally called and said i was going to pasuquin then called 20 minutes later and changed it. there is a purpose in all things and president is a wise and inspired man who said afflictions are really blessings when he called... yup. 
3. we had a last week of the transfer miracle. i didn't tell anyone i was transferring (commitment to the Lord not to me) but we had all the ilacas and another family come to church!!! woooo then we had a one hour mission after church and we went with all the members and visited LA. we just plopped down on the dirt, by people doing there wash and such and let them know we love them.... and they said they're going to keep going to catholic mass. i told them we're more persistent than the catholics so we're going to keep coming back. haha. and that we love them.
#laoag round 2 woooo
sister hansen

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