Saturday, June 21, 2014

June 8th


 i dunno why the Lord loves me so much but I'm sure happy he does. So... I'm back in Laoag. but this is NOT the Laoag I remembered. Lesson wise. It's good. My comp is sister Ieremia, she's from Kiribati. I love her. She's teaching me how to be humble and just apply all the good things you see other people do and not to feel awkward or prideful about applying those things. hence she's a fast learner and very magaling. and a chatter. haha i like her.
ummm... rainy season and baptism season is HERE. WOOOOO.... makes finding like eh. but its oooookkk. Because we have this one investigator. he's like a tatay who's 74. he's all hunched. like he walks at a 90 degree angle almost and he doesn't have teeth and he's about the cutest thing you ever did see. He just get's so happy about everything we teach. The other day we were teaching him and the rooster they were going to get for dinner they had just tied up it's legs and it's wings. but it was alive and kicking. it let us know it too. in the middle of the lesson it jumps OFF the table and practically lands on us and is just squacking and making a racket and tatay takes it and bends its neck and some angle i know is not right and puts it's head under it's wing and we just continue teaching like nothing happened. crazy chicken... distraction haha.  
What I learned this week? most everything has limits because we're still just weak mortals. strength, patience, the amount of fudgie bars there are in the world. But i realized your heart doesn't. no matter how many people i meet i still have room in my heart for them. and i still love equally (not degrading) the people i met before. i think thats why Heavenly Father has a bajillion million annak (children) because you're heart can do that. also your brain has the uncandid capacity to just keep learning and learning. anyways... i just love you all... and i love all these people. I LOVE MY CALLING.  mmmm... ill never get sick of saying that. THE WORK GOES FORTH. JUMP ON THE BAND WAGON or get left behind. but thats lame. one more thing i realized. nothing matters but the gospel and saving peoples souls. people will forget your face, people will forget if you went to the olympics, people will forget your name. but they won't forget what you did for them. or how you made them feel. or if you changed their life and eternal destiny with the gospel. yup. theres my shpeel. 

-Sister Hansen

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