Saturday, June 21, 2014

June 16th

HEY fam and friends.
well the story for this week is...
ELDER ARDERN CAME FOR MISSION TOUR AND BLLLLEEEWWW MY MIND!!! HE IS SO COOL. he's from new zeland and he's the bomb diggidy. so previously i had a goal to read the old testament before i came home and do you know what i was learning in personal study? about 8 chapters on how to quarentine lepers and such. Go read Leviticus you'll have a ball... pretty sure that's the book the pharasies went nutso following cuz its a titch touchy about lots of rules and such. anyway so elder ardern was like it's not how many times you go through the book of mormon. it's how many times the bom goes through you. awwww ok. so i slowed down and i spent a whole study on 4 versus and got a 3 pages of revelation versus the paragraph i was getting from 10 pages read of the OT. so search the bom. it's deep. one thing he said something like the bom has deeper doctrine then you can dig out. anyway. i love the bom. 

Also a miracle for the week. I TOTES lost my wallet... which had my camera, all my missionary fund for the month as well as all my personal money... good thing to lose eh? well im talented like that. soooo of COURSE ID BE PRAYING. but i went and kneeled  and prayed some more. and then like elder ardern said you can't just pray for sick people. you have to pray then you have to go do something for them! so i started tearing the room apart. and sister ieremia too. till she got inspired and we went in the spare room with the spare desks and opened the drawers... and there it was! it's a long story how it got there... but miracles DO happen. 

As for a funny story... hahaha my shoes got so torn apart the sole came completely off and my toe was poking through and i ended a morning of proselyting with only one shoe on looking very socially unacceptable and thinking yeah... i should buy some new shoes. 

also i found a tricee driver i remembered from dingras... he gave us a ride. funny thing is noon in dingras i felt i should talk to him and ignored it and felt bad so i vowed id talk to him the next time i saw him... i didn't see him again. till NOW. bahahahahah I FREAKED. HIM. OUT. i was sooo happy to see him. i shoved a pamphlet in his hand and started to testify before he could speed off. not so interested but i kept my promise ;) he was scared. I was like brother it's ME. you live in dingras! i want to give you a pamphlet!!1 so not so smooth... haha im over it. :) love you all!

-Sister Hansen

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