Saturday, May 31, 2014

Warm fuzzy feeling:)

ooooooooohhhhhh k
my week was a good one. we just had a zone activity. where we realized one of the elders looks like Gideon on 7 brides for seven brothers. naturally we asked for a picture. he's super cool. we also have a returning LA who we didn't even know was LA in the elders area who started coming back to church on his own... he looks like heith ledger ( sister brewer told me and im not super good with actors now a days.. but we took a picture with him too! for kicks and giggles.) and the elders drew us self portraits at mcm... looks JUST LIKE ME RIGHT? lets hope not hahah ;) ALEXIS GOT BAPTIZED. HER HAIR LOOKED LIKE SOME SWEET BRAIDED DEW OF SOMEONE ON STAR WARS. i told her that. she's so golden. she'll be such an example for her fam to follow... sana in her footsteps to baptism. aaaaannnd my warm fuzzy moment came when i went and taught the ilacas family. so ive probably said this before but they are dirt floor. poor. literally. they live with a dirt floor. so i gave them a bunch of my clothes. but for like 2 weeks i didn't see them wear any of them. so i was like maybe they sold them or didn't like them or they were too big or something. that's ok too. BUT then we came by again and all of them were practically wearing something of mine.. they had just done the wash. i dunno why but i literally felt warm and fuzzy inside. THAT is the reason i came on my mission. for that feeling. i cant describe it. but seeing someone use something you love or loved makes you feel good. applies to the gospel too. when someone else enjoys something that makes you happy.... it makes you even happier!!! hahah. this is the best life. missionary life. i will be one forever. LOVE YOU ALL. 
-sister hansen
the last picture is for quin. 
larry has competition. 
is perry! the alaskan mountain child i turned into a man by giving him facial hair. hahahaha

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