Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mothers Day:)

soooo... yeah i was a crummy journal writer last week...
so it might be reflected a bit in this email.
sorry in advance. 
i have short term memory I've found
young people get it too
oooooooookkkkkkkkkk. WELL I LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH FAMILY. GGGAAAAHHH. I LOVE YOUR LOVELY FACES. "how did you get to be sooo good looking" "genetics" (im not going to tell you what movie that's from but its said in an english accent by twin brothers. very few will guess it hahah) ummm well last night this GIANT moth got in our appartment. ill take cock roaches. ill take lizards, ill take ginormous spiders. BUT MOTHS I CANNOT DO. haha i seriously got the permethrin spray (it's like 10:20 so we should be about to pray but im a little paranoid) and i went crazy and that thing dive bombed me and persecuted me to the point i gave up and ran into the room slammed the door and hyperventilated. then prayed and slept. they're my nemisis. 
other adventures: we're moving sister alexis's date up a week to the 24th because she's just that golden. sometimes she asks questions like is telepathy a gift of the spirit and stuff like that and so we're helping her learn to ask the RIGHT questions. but i love her. only problem is her mom offered us fried chicken the other night and i turned it down (no dinner appts after 5) aaannnd then she started to get offended so i explained the rule. i think she still might be a little upset. hopefully she forgives me... hahah. fried chicken. DON'T BE OFFENDED OVER THINGS THAT AREN'T IMPORTANT. wait. DON'T BE OFFENDED AT ALL ACTUALLY. its dumb. there's a lot of offended people we're trying to help here... less actives. love em. these are pictures of where i proselyte. most beautiful place in the world. ahhhh i wish i had more time.  heres how to help struggling people "investigators must resolve for themselves their concerns and objections. You can help as you focus them on what will strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ- reading and praying about he BOM. When they strengthen their testimony of the restoration, they will have the strength to overcome their objections"
peace and joy to the world. 
love you all mucho much!
-sister Hansen

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