Tuesday, March 26, 2013


So. here's the spiritual moment of the day:

made me feel so great :) i was thinking technology was all evil because it was soooo addicting and it was sapping all the time i could spend reading scriptures or something. you know. . . filipino prep. BUT the apostle said blog about your beliefs! yes sir mr/brother apostle im on it! so there you go

funny moment of the day:

so just some back ground. where i live there's this round about by wal-mart that has recently become a popular hobo hang out. i love the homeless. i do. but sometimes these hobos will be on their ipods and you just get the feeling they might not be all that poor. and this was concerning one of them holding up this sign: I LOST MY HOUSE. (remember that) 
this was my younger sister and my conversation:
my sister: hahahahahahahahahahahahahah HA  (when she see's his sign)
me: kirsten what are you laughing at??
my sister: (totally serious) that guy's sign! I really hope he can find it!!
hahahah oh my.  

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