Sunday, May 12, 2013

2 languages 1 blessing

k dad let me get this out before you have time to ask again... sister porters great grandparents are... Leon David Porter and Maude Walton, Arthur Snyder and Clara Venetta Garside, Guy Reynolds Justis and Ardis Carolyn Larson, and John Raymond Erickson and Muriel Harris. and sister storey doesn't know hers. sorry that's all i got. But i hope you have some fun with that.
I miss you partiers at the hansen house. staying up all night playing board games and penny pinching off the streets for shakes... ahhh good times. mean while back at the ranch (thats a saying from oldie books if you didn't know)
Im doing peachy.
 Might as well start with the spiritual. thats always kinda important. So As you might know WE GOT OUR TRAVEL PLANS AND ARE LEAVING IN 9 DAYS. WHHHAAAA???? or in tagalog nagsasalita ANNNOOOO??? yeah im a dork and my mtc humor is very mtcish right now. but back to the back drop of my story. well we're leaving and i really got pretty sad. I balled. k i said it. i love my district and mga kasama so much. we're seriously together like 10 hrs of the day. they are family. very disjointed but true. i love them and it made me sad to leave them and my kasama was getttiiinng a blessing sooooo.... i piggy backed and asked for one too. But then Elder Smiti from Samoa wanted to give it.... in Samoan. so the thoughts running through my head are just like how am i supposed to know what to do and what the Lord wants me to know if its in another language??? but he explained in his (pretty good for only speaking english for 6 weeks) way that  whether samoan or english the blessing God gives is the same. 2 languages, one blessing. Okaylang. still kinda with this doubtful mind i let him start. It was the coolest experience i started out with all this doubt and just skepitcal wondering thoughts in my mind but then gradually it was replaced with a sweetness and confidence and feeling of power. it seriously was the coolest thing. i realized it REALLY doesn't matter what language it is or if i understand. if im living righteously everything he blessed me with will come to pass. it also made me think of my language im trying to learn. how am i supposed to communicate and convert people i can hardly talk to??? But now i know if ive prepared and im living right, no matter what language im speaking the language of the spirit will come through and they'll understand whatever they need to. 2 languages one message. k my vent on that is over. but really its so awesome what the Lord will show you. Elder Smiti was inspired in more then one way.
k so more light stuff as is how my personality goes. haha so every sunday night after devotional we get to watch a movie or talk or something of our choosing. so last sunday we chose to go to the movie Legacy. i never enjoyed that movie so much in my WHHOOOOLLLLE LIFE.  was it a bit cheesey? indubitably (spelled wrong get over it this isn't word girl) was it mushy? absolutley. did i love it. YES! seriously david in that movie is such a babe with his sappy lines (ex: well maybe ill slow down and just work one day in 10) i really died. it was so lovely. haha you could actually hear all the guys shushing everyone cuz they hadn't seen that much kissing in months. elders are sweethearts. Let it be known Legacy is the Pride and Predjudice for elders and sisters at the mtc. it was seriously so awesome. in the ddddiiiiissstant future when i get home i might have to watch it like 5 times straight.
Oh so i thought you might like to know i was talking in my sleep AGAIN... in tagalog.  saying something like nagaral (studied in tagalog) hahaha yesssss its permeated every thought so now i even sleep talk in taglish.
miracle of the week:
i have a foot tan line. i may now be called a sister missionary with OUT shame. it really is quite lovely. it cuts right accross my foot where my grandma shoes finally show my foot skin. im so proud
I FINNAAALLLLY SAW QUININSKI!!! about time!  made me happy. please tell my brother in law i made larryanne and she sits adjacent to him on the sil by my bed. well. times up. i have so much more to say but it will lhave to wait
SOBRA mahal kita
sister hansen :)
Some pictures of Rachel with Quininski

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